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dhEvu maRRariyEn

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 08:09:48 PDT

Jay.Bharadwaj@NRECATAO.NRECA.ORG said:


>  ........        Later on during Prapatti He instructed us to be
>looking at Perumal while he chanted the mantras.  I ignored this
>instructions and chose instead to stare at His Divya Padas.  Later on when
>I looked up our eyes met momentarily and I only saw in them the kindest
>pair of eyes looking at me with so much of love and affection.  I try to
>meditate on those eyes when I chant His mantra.

   Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.  Many have quickly
   jumped to all sorts of conclusion.  IMHO, what ever inquiry
   we want to pursue it must be done within the context of sri vaishnavam
   and true to the title of this e-mail group, "bhakthi/prapatthi."
   There was no RFD or CFV when this e-mail group was formed, the
   motivation, as I understood, was to discuss sri vaishnavam
   in the context of "bhakthi/prapatti."  Questioning the teachings
   of any of our acharyaas in the mode of "inquiry" is one thing,
   but trashing is another.  I am not going to say anything
   more on this subject from now on.

   Jay's experience reminded me of a book I was reading a few
   weeks back, a commentary by vidhvaan Kannan swamy of Sri
   Ramanuja vaibavam by vadivazhagiya nambidhaasar.  The foreword
   describes a few instances highlighting sri vaduga nambi's
   devotion towards Sri Ramaanuja, not unlike Jay's devotion
   towards the 44th jeer.  Here is just one.

   For vaduga nambi, sri raamaanuja's paadugai was the only
   thiruvaaraadhana perumaaL.  It seems one day he put
   both his perumaL, i.e. raamaanujar's paadhugai, and udayavar's
   perumaaL together and brought them over to raamaanujar.
   When ramaanujar demanded an answer for this "aparadham"
   it seems vaduga nambi said to him, "in what way my perumaL
   is less than yours."

-- Dileepan