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Re: Fwd: Re: Swayamacharyas and Un-ayyangars

From: krish (
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 05:06:45 PDT

That was the most entertaining piece. My salutations to you. May be
we should know each other better. I am at Lockheed Martin, and
live in Cherry Hill ( 609-667-6886 ).
I feel Conservation of Souls is an interesting theory, but then what.
The only thing about Hindus I think is that one can jsutify any of his
views and bring out a reference. I tell my athestic friends ( who are
as fanatic about it as some theists are ) that God manifests himself
by his absence.
That reminds me of Haldane(JBS) writing about the Dsavatara and
Darwin's theory on the origin of species. Having been a stident of Sanskrit,
I am more exposed to the older religious works, than Alwars. In a
way they lived at a time when light ( to overcome night ) was not
abundant. They had time to ponder adn in a way they had to turn to
the philosphical questions. Nowadays, our time is easily spent
at work or watching TV.
Vegetarianism is a virtue in places of abundance, especially in the
tropic belt. Suppose we were in the Tundras, why should our
development be different from Eskimos ( relsihing raw liver from a 
polar bear ). What drives us? I think the US has understood man's
desires, Kama, Artha and Boga. These are the driving forces. The
only concern should be how all of can get a shot at it>
I had written a story in which Lord Rama ( in the US ) tells his devotee
that he likes his residence here, "Amerika the land of amaras". Iam
wtry to write a sequel where the Lord Venkatewara prefers chocolates
to Laddus.
I think the greatest thing about us that our Gods are personal, left
to our own imagination to mold Him to our liking.