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Re: Mani Varadarajan's comments

From: krish (
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 04:47:53 PDT

Ref. The only reason for disbelief is confusion
I differ. One can remove the "dis" in above also.
All actions are to an extent for self-fulfilmment, and that includes
praising an Acharya or assuming Narayana as the Supreme. And it is
one's birth, to an extent a pure accident. The concept of the 
universe has changed and changing rapidly. To preseume that the
Alwars and Acharyas's words are the ultimate is open to question.
Hindus view birth and life a suffering, a rlease to moksha is
sought. I feel that Brahma's place in the concept of Trimurthi
is degraded since we view birth as a punishment.
My own question is how does all this tie-in with our day to day life.
By our own Shastras, any SriVaishanvite leaving the Bharat ksetra
has failed in his ritualistic practice. Daily Sandhyavanda may
be just a confession, but what is is its use if one doesnot correct
it. Can one srick to Bhakti alone and if so where does it stop-
just an hour a day?
I thought I would get to know and socialize and correspond with
fellowmen, may be some guys out there from Triplicane. But the
views here are from those trying to search back to their roots.
It is interesting though.