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Re: Mani Varadarajan's comments

From: krish (
Date: Tue Oct 03 1995 - 10:07:53 PDT

Badri's comments are interesting. When I look at the enormous output
on Sri Vaishanvism, the commonality is BELIEF. There is no rational 
explanantion, and many of us work in fileds where proof is arequisite.
The only place for BELIEF is sel consolation or inner peace due to
one's own inabilit to accept the cahncy nature.
But main point is there are great men who are also Jeers. My experience
is worth reporting. Born aan Iyengar, I chose to transgress and marry a 
Westerner much to the shame of of my loving kin. Later when my dad died,
I did not go to the cremation feeling that I would cause unnecessary
concerns. But my elder sisters were upset that I did not offer
any pindas. In 1977, I went to India to Srirangam to do so to please
my sisters. One of them lived there. The problem was how to get me in
to the Parakalmatam for the ceremoney. My sister and her husband went out 
for consultations. I was not able to wait out the long delay and
went to the Mutt by myself. Some of the people had known my
dad who spent his last days near by. I was ushered to th Holy Jeer.
I riased my hand sin respect and told him the purpose I came for.
I also explained to him that I had wedded a Westerner and was no
longer llving the life of a brahmin. It was a great surprise to
me when he told me that he felt it was of no concern and he would
permit me to di the Shradda in the Parakala mutt sannidhi inside
the temple corridors. He further told me that he remembered my father
as an old admirer of his and that he would be pleased.
He also instructed his assistants to provifde
the needed services. When I was about to depart, my sister and her 
husband walked in ad were rather surprised at the turn of events.
The holy Jeer was rather unusal, far more considerate than my
own sisters. One cannot judge rashly their greatness.
I went thru the ceremony the next day but I am not sure whether it
served any other purpose than mys sisters' satisafction that I
did it.
The great man had all the power to throw me out but he did not.