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Quarrel with saivites

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 13:29:28 PDT

Questioning our aachaaryaas:

     As Krishna pointed out, as sri vasihnavaas
     we must follow certain protocol while seeking
     clarifications from our aachaaryaas.  To my
     knowledge blind faith is not advocated across
     the board for everyone.  Some great souls
     have opted for just that.  E.g. dhEvu maRRariyEn
     of madhurakavi aazhvaar.  Others have not hesitated
     to question when appropriate.  Kooraththaazhvaar's
     devotion to sri raamaaanuja is unquestonable, yet
     yet he refused to write on when some of
     Sri Raamaanujaa's commentary was not to
     his liking!  Ramanuja himself refused to accept
     Yadavaprakasar's teachings.

Quarrel with saivites:
     The post I made was not intended for initiating a
     quarrel.  (I know Mani is not saying I did, this is
     just to make sure there are no misunderstandings)
     If that was my intention I would have
     posted it in a different forum.  I shared the
     question that bothered me and the answer I found
     in sri azhagiya singar's writings.  Sri azhagiya singar
     himself was responding to somebody else's claims.
     Therefore, there is no quarrel with saivites.

     The point of my post was for sri vaishnavites to not
     get confused, like I did, with the term Isvara as used
     for Sivan; the point was not to quarrel with saivites.

-- Dileepan