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Re: letters from in gen and Re: Isvaran in particul
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 07:21:28 PDT

The Svetasvatara Upanishad (pardon my spelling) has a verse which says
that "Only one who is fully surrendered to God fully understands the
meaning of the Vedas."  We only need to compare our lives here to those of
any Acharya especially the 45 Azhaghia Singars and it is easy to come to a
conclusion as to who is surrendered.  The assumptions made by Dileepan and
others who post articles quoting Acharyas is that the readers are aware
that Acharyas are realized souls and therefore do not make mistakes since
Bhagavan "preserves what they have and Carries what they lack".  What they
say is no different from Sri Krishna talking to us.  Opinions expressed on
this bulletin board that violate this basic assumption is about as
valuable to the serious seeker of God as that of a frog croaking to a
seeker of classical music.

Our Christian friend is not far from the truth when he talks about the
only God.  The word Christ (as applied to God the father) comes from the
Greek word Christos which means God and which etymologically is the same
as the Sanskrit word Krishta which is another (though little used) name
for Krishna.  Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all abridged versions of
Vaishnavism.  The only difference is that the majority of followers of
these faiths do not fully follow the 10 commandments which begins with
(thou shall not kill) and therefore commands people to be vegetarians.
The ten commandments are incidentally common to all 3 faiths.  Sakhya
Vatsalya and Madhurya Rasas are not explained in any of these faiths.