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[ramanuja_society] Acharya Vaibhavam - Denver Oct 27th & 28th - Report.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 07:08:58 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

I am attaching a note from Sriman Mukundan 
Vangkipuram Pattangi about the special Acharya Vaibhavam
conference that took place at Denver , Colorado
during last week end. I thank him for this informative 
posting and look forward to reading more about the topics
discussed relating to Srimath RaamAyaNam. 

The US Chapter of the International RaamAnujA Society (IRS)
one of the sponsors this conference . Sri Mohan Sagar Dampathis 
and the Denver Chapter IRS Team , the Midwest IRS Team
as well as other Denver BhakthAs  took an active part.
Sriman Mohan Sagar is the Secretary of the US Chapter of
the IRS and this society is registered at Denver , Colorado
with his help. Both Sriman Alwar of India and myself
are deeply grateful to Sri Mohan Sagar for his many
contributions to advance the goals of IRS. 

The lives and the Sri Sookthis of our AchAryAs belonging
to Sri Bhagavath RaamAnuja Darsanam from Vadakalai 
and TennAchArya Sampradhayam were well covered 
at this important conference.

The highlight seems to be the interest on the part of 
"non-Indian " bhakthAs  to attend and contribute to
the success of this important meeting . AchArya RaamAnujA's
message is universal indeed , since it is based on Vedam , 
whose cosmic relevance and universality of outlook is 
very well established from ancient times .

The IRS was founded two years ago as an International
service organization(1) to spread the message of 
AchArya RaamAnujA around the world (2)to initiate specific 
kaimkaryams at the dhivya Desams and (3)to promote 
the educational aspects of our sampradhAyam 
through release of CD ROMs and audio tapes for
those , who wish to learn more about our glorious
and tolerant tradition. Sri Mukundan through and the Moderators of 
the various e-lists are very active in
these areas .The work of IRS is complimentary 
to these efforts. Some recent examples
of educational releases of IRS are :

(1) Acharya RaamAnujA Multimedia CD ROM 
(2) Lives and works of the 12 AzhwArs : 2 Audio Tapes
(3) Creation of Web pages: 
(4) Release of 600 plus page monograph on ThiruppAvai
    by Sri U.Ve.ChakravarhtyAchArya Swamy 

The other IRS projects under development are:

(1) Sandhya Vandhanam Multimedia CD ROm 
(2) Lives and works of the 12 AzhwArs :
    Multimedia CD ROM 
(3) Web pages for Lord Sudarshana Bhagavaan
(4) Web pages for Swamy ParAsara Bhattar

The most demanding and important (future)project 
would be to conceptualize and execute a plan to celebrate
AchArya RaamAnujA's Millenium celebrations in India
during His 1000th birthday in cooperation with 
one and all , who are dedicated to Sri Bhagavath
RaamAnuja SiddhAntham . This will be in the year 2017 CE.
It is not going to be an easy task but our Parama KaaruNika 
AchAryan's grace will provide us the energy and enthusiasm 
to stay together and work towards this important goal of
creating an educational edifice for students and research
scholars to come together from all parts of the world 
at this center .

Some BhakthAs have suggested the creation of 
a deemed University ( Sri RaamAnujA University )
as an appropriate and lasting edifice as our 
contribution to keep the bright lamp of AchArya
RaamAnuja SampradhAyam shining from the top of
the hill of sath SampradhAyam . There may be other
views . It will be good to hear form BhakthAs 
on this topic. Convening of Committees , definition
of duties and execution of the projects as well as
fund raising will need a lot of work both here 
and in India.

Meanwhile , let us continue to pray for 
AchArya RaamAnujA's blessings to keep us all
united to travel on  the Vedic path established 
by him for our benefit.

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:


Attachment from Sri Mukundan Vangkipuram Pattangi:
>Dear Devotees Humble Pranams:
>It was a truly educational, inspirational and enjoyable 
>Acharya Vaibhavam conference in Denver.
>The first conference where we have seen a procession (porappadu) for the
>LORD with about 100 devotees going out in the streets in the USA for
>about 1Hr.
>(About 50 of them Non-Indians and the amount of Pure Devotion (free
>of self ego, lineage & so called knowledge ego was purely inspirational)
>Educational dicussions on :- 
>1. Acharyas and their contributions. (MudalAzhwars, Ramanuja,
>Venkatanathar & Mamunigal)
>2. Ramayana (Purpose of RamaAvathara, Vyakyanams on Vali Vadha, 
>         Mother Sita being sent to Forest, Agni Pariksha etc.)
>3. Purpose of Life, and what can we do towards this purpose.
>4. How is Moksha Gauraunteed?
>Excellent discussions and beautiful answers as per our Acharyas went 
>late into the night on Saturday and Sunday.
>Lord and Acharyas blessed Mohan & Madhuri Sagar & the Ramanuja Society
>Team (VishwaChand, Krishnan, Sudarshan, Ranga and all others)
>for the selfless service to the community which was performed with
>grace and smiles.
>Thanks to all the speakers, discussion hosts and all the devotees for
>making this a unique funtion.
>adiyEn will try to write details later in the next post.
>(Especially on the Ramayana Topics as the dicussions were excellent)
>azhwAr emberumAnAr jeeyAr thiruvadigalE saranam
>adiyEn rAmAnujA dAsan
>Mukundan Vangkipuram Pattangi
>srirangarAja charaNAmbhuja rAja hamsam
>srimad parAnkusa padhAmbhuja brungarAjam|
>sri bhattanAtha parakAla mukhAbhja mitram
>srivatsachihnna saranam yathirAjameedE||
>I pay homage to Sri Ramanuja, the swan who has chosen 
the Lotus Feet of Sri Ranganatha as his refuge;
>who is collecting the pollen and nectar from 
the flower-like feet of Parankusa (NammAzhwAr); 
>who brightens like the sun the faces of Bhattanatha 
(PeriAzhwAr) and Parakala (Thirumangai AzhwAr), and
>who is the refuge of Kuresa! 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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