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RE: [tiruvengadam] Donation for a Poor Brahmin Cause

From: Valuthur, Srikanth (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 15:05:05 PDT

Dear Learned Scholars,

I have posted this during the month beginning with only half mind,  But you
people stumped me with responses.  With all your gracious help,  I was able
to collect over 2000$ todate and give it to Shri. Sampath Kumar.  I will
send you the list of people who has generously donated to this cause.  Some
of them has sent to Shri. Sampath Kumar directly.  Believe me or not,  When
I handed over the cheque to Shri. Sampath Kumar,  He was in the verge of
tears.  He said that money is so important to him,  That he will be indebted
to me.  I said its not me that should take the credit,  Rather it should go
to the forum people who took this seriously and sent in their contributions.
I was able to collect over 1000$ from the local people besides this amount.
As I have mentioned below,  The amount does not matter.  Shri Sampath Kumar
was very thankful to all who had sent, Who prayed and Who sent their
greetings also.  He said he will send a message seperately.

With Gods Grace and all your wishes,  His Son in Law is recovering better
from this acute disease at the age of 35.  I am very thankful for
considering my request to donate this cause.

I am sure Perumals Anugraham will be there for you all.


Srikanth Valuthur

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Subject: [tiruvengadam] Donation for a Poor Brahmin Cause

Dear Bhaktas:

I am sorry to post this off topic on this group.  I have been personally
personally requested by the Head Priest of HIndu Temple, St.louis about his.
Its for a good cause.  I know the case is very genuine as I know this
problem before he knew it. I spoke to him personally and he is in real need.
You dont need to worry about donating 100$, Even 5$ makes a lot of
difference for that family.  Afterall we have helped and donated to lot of
unknown faces,  Lets donate to a known face at this time.  You can give the
cheques to me at SampathKumar, c/0 Srikanth Valuthur, 2315 A Kratky Road,
Saint louis, MO, 63114  or drop at the boxes in the temple or give it to
sampathKumar directly.

314 512 5740

Moderators:  Please forgive me for posting this here,  But it is a really
really urgent need.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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