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Release of the book "Gadya Traya" authored by Dr. NSA of Bangalor e

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 03:03:58 PDT

Swamy Emperumaanaar Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!!
Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Shranam !!!

"Gadya Tarya" of Ramanuja with translation and brief commentary by Dr. NSA
of Bangalore was released last week.

Gadya Traya though very small in nature compared to the other works of
Ramanuja, are very significant as far as Ramanuja darshana is considered.
These are great works that mirror the devotion of Ramanuja towards the Lord.
Swamy Deshikan has glorified these as "sArasvatam shAshvatam". These gadyams
to a large extent resemble the great work "Stotraratnam" of Yamunacharya or
Alavandar. Ramanuja has established that Prapatti alone is the surest and
easiest means of attaining moksham in this work. Karmayoga, Jnanayoga or
Bhaktiyoga cannot be completed without prapatti. Prapatti could be performed
for gaining all four kinds of Purusharthas. If bhakti yoga can be performed
by the first three varnas only, prapatti has no such barrier. For a
performer of Bhakti yoga, moksham is granted only at the end of all his
prarabdha karma, while a prapanna gets moksham after death or dehAvasAnam.
Prapatti should be performed once and once only. But bhakti yogam should be
performed everyday second till the end. For Bhakti yoga to bear fruit a lot
of impediments need to be crossed, but prapatti performed with mahavishvasam
will never fail.

	The shrutis, smritis, itihasas, puranas and azhwar arulichcheyals
have established prapatti as a sure means of moksham and is popularly known
as nyasavidya. These gadyatraya of Ramanuja, preach the inner meanings of
the Dvaya mantra. Swamy Deshikan says that Sharanagati gadyam is a dialogue
that took place between Ramanuja and SriRanganatha at Srirangam. Ramanuja
has performed Sharanagati at the lotus feet of the Lord in these gadyams and
has also preached the same to others.

Details -

"Gadya Traya"
Language - Kannada
Price - Rs 30
Place where available - 
Dr. NS Anantarangacharya
780 5th main Vijayanagar Bangalore 40
ph 3383755

You can also contact adiyen by mail if you need the book.

vAzhi vyAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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