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Sri Mukkur Nruhari Hrudhayam : A Multimedia CD ROM released on Sep 20, 2001 Sri Mattapally MahA KshEthram by Sri Swaati Maha Narasimha Maha yagna Trust

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 21:06:05 PDT

Sri Lakshmmi Nrusimha ParabrahmaNE Nama:

Daasasya Vijn~Apanam .

Vaikunta Vaasi U.Ve. Sri Mukkur Lakshmi NarasimhAcchAr 
Swamy is one of the greatest of MahAns , who can be 
recognized readily as an AvathAra Purushar. He led an
exemplary life dedicated to the propagation of Vedic ideals 
and spreading of the noble Sri VaishNava SampradhAyam.

He was a Sishya Rathnam of Sri Ahobila Matam Azhagiya
Singars ; the Current PeetAdhipathi of Ahobila Matam , 
MalOla Dhivya PaadhukA Sevaka , Sri NaarAyana YathIndhra
MahA Desikan conferred on Sri Mukkur Sawmy the title of
"Guru Bhaktha Rathnam " to recognize latter's extraordinary
AchArya Bhakthi .

The Vedic , Saasthraic , Dhivya Prabhandham scholarship 
of Sri Mukkur Swamy , who conducted 107 Nrusimha Yajn~ams
all over India is profound . His extraordinary skills 
in Pravachanam earned Him the title of Abhinava Sukha Brahmam. 
His expertise in Ghanam style recording of Vedam as 
a SalakshaNa GhanapADi thrilled the listeners. His writings
are treasure houses for the intrepretation of the fine points
of our Sath SamprahdAyam and the deep tatthvams enshrined 

A group of young devotees spent the entire summer of 2001
to create a SUPERB Multimedia CD ROM for the benefit of 
the large Narasimha Kudumbam of U.Ve .Sri Mukkur Swamy ,
the Sri Maha Nrusimha MahA Yaj~na  adhvaryu.

Adiyen had the pleasure of recieving an advanced copy  of
this CD ROM from one of the producers of this CD ROM .
AdiyEn can not adequately describe the great service 
that this group of Young devotees of MahA Yaj~na Swamy 
have done to illustrate His noble qualities .It is indeed 
a profound compendium on the life and works of 
this MahAn . There are 600 plus minutes of the powerful 
and "mellifluent" voice of Sri Yaj~na Swamy eulogizing 
the anantha kalyANa GuNams of the Dhivya Dampahtis,
AzhwAr AruLiccheyalkaL , Veda Manthrams , AchAryAs 
and their Sri Sookthis . Further , 500 plus photos 
celebrating the glorious kaimkaryams of Sri Swamy 
and 100 plus paqges of textual material including 
illustrative works of Sri Swamy have been added as bonuses.
It is an amzing CD ROM that should be in every 
Devotees' home . The contents of the CD ROM should
be studied again and again. Sei Swamy's blessings to us
through recitation of the rarest of the rare manthrams
(BalA and AthibalA manthrams ) is some thing we all will
be grateful to Him . His rendering of Ghanam style 
Vedic recitation and Saama GhAnam grips are powerful.

AdiyEN plans to post a series of articles on Sri Mukkur
Swamy's unparalleled contributions as I learnt them through
this CD ROM and add other information from His writings
on Sri Manthra Raja Padha SthOthram that appeared in
Sri Matam's monthly Journal , Sri Nrusimha PriyA .

Please contact Sriman Rajagopala Srinivasan at 
adiyaen@hotmail , to acquire a copy of this most
precious CD ROM as a member of the world wide 
Nrusimha Kudumbam and support the work of 
the Sri Swati Maha Narasimha Yagna trust. 

MahA Yaj~na RoopAya NrusimhAya MangaLam.
DaaasOham , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

HH Lakshmi Nrusimha Divya PaadhukA Sevaka,
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha maha Desikan ThiruvArAdhanam day 
( HH The 41st Pattam Kaarukuricchi Azhagiya Singar )

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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