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ezhil Azhi iRaiyavan - part 2 - The "will" of the Lord

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 13:18:12 PDT

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam

(In this part we attempt to write in a very simply way  as  to  who
is Sri Chakra rAjan, prior to  writing  on the thala purAnam of Sri
Chakra rAjan temple)

ezhil Azhi iRaiyavan - part 2 - The "will" of the Lord
(meaning for the title is given in part 1)

Dear bAgawathAs,

Vishu   Samvathsaram,  TulA  Maasam  Sukla  Panchami  41st  Pattam
(Kaarukkurichci)   Srimath   Azhagiya   Singar fo Sri Ahobila mutt,
AarAdhana Dinam. Incidentally the Sri Chakra pAni temple at thiruk
kudanthai was last renovated and the maha samprOkshanam  was  done
under the divine command of this AchAryAn several years ago. After
that, this is the first  time  such a major effort to renovate the
temple is going on.

Sri Chakra rAjan is third in line in our pArampariyam next only to
perumAL and thAyAr. Many Sudarshana upAsakars  describe that sEnai
nAthar or viswakshEnA is the incarnation of none  other  than  Sri
Chakra rAjan HIMself.

SwAmi dEsikan delivered  as

"En vuyir thanthu ALitthavarai saraNam pukki

".........................................."sEnai nAthan"
in amuthath thiru magaL enRu ivarai munnittu
emperumAL thiru vadigaL adaikinREnE" - SwAmi dEsikan

meaning: Among the several AchAryAs  listed in this grantham that
everyone recite at the time of prapatthi, the 3rd in line  listed
prior to Sriyap pathi Sriman nArAyaNan is sEnai  nAthan.  It  may
very well sound controversial for some bAgawathAs when we attempt
to interpret this way. However  adiyEn have heard from sudarshana
upAsakars this way. In tamil sEnai or padai is also the name  for
Ayudham. When Sri chakra rAjan  is  sent  on  a mission HE is the
delta force and one and only person and is the  Army  HIMself. He
is the abode of  all  the weapons  that were created ever in this
universe.  All weapons are subservient to Sri chakra rAjan. He is
the rAjan of all the weapons.  All the weapons that are possessed
by the sillaRAi dEvathAs are created by Sri Chakra rAjan. All the
weapons finally attain him as their  mOksham.  If  one    have to
summersize as to who is Sri Chakra rAjan and  add  to  the  three
thaathuvams explained by Sri  V. Sadagopan,  as  seen  by certain
subtle verses explained in Sri Ahir budhya samihithA.

Sri  chakra  rAjan  is  none  other the "will" of the Lord Sriman
nArAyaNA. If the Lord has decided to get done with  someone  such
"will" who is already inthe form of Sri  chakra  rAjan  manifests
into a vasthu that is  "instrumental"  in fulfilling this "will".
and  accomplish  the mission. Since HE is the will of the Lord he
is never defeated. No force on earth  can defeat Sri chakra rAjan
as HE is the will  of  the  Lord.  In tamil it is said that "avar
thiru uLLam nadanthE theerum".  Everytime   the   Lord   wants to
accomplish a  missoin, Sri chakra rAjan as HIS "will"  takes  the
manifestation  "atonce" and fulfills it.   Name  it,  the  "kOrai
paRkaL" of Sri koormA, nails of Sri Lakshmi nrusihmA, the dharbai
of  Sri  vAmanA, the power of kOdAli of Sri parasurAmA and so on.
No one other  than Sri chakra rAjan fulfills Lord's thiru   uLLAm
as  HE is HIMself the thiru uLLam of the Lord. When Sri kAkAsuran
committed apachAram to peria pirAtti, the  Lord's  "will" decided
to punish him and the small "darbhai" that  chased the  kAkAsuran
into all the lOkAs had the Sri chakra rAjan at its tip.

Sri Indran advised kAkAsuran that the Ayudham  is none other than
"will" of the Lord and  no one  can stop  this from punishing one.
The  only  way for you is  to seek refuge at the holy feet of the
Lord and change his "will". When  the "will" is written  this way
your fate will end this way.  Then  kAkAsuran did  as  advised by
Sri Indran and got the "will" changed or else he  would have been
slain. Thus,this Sri chakra  rAjan of thiruk kudanthai who is the
"will" of  the  Lord  and  the  one man Army who accomplishes the
mission of the Lord  every  time  is  victorious for ever. He was
never  defeated  and will never be because of another reason. One
of the great thiruk kalyAna gunAs of the Lord is that HE is never
defeated.  Such thiruk kalyAna gunA has manifested  as the thAyAr
of Sri chakra rAjan known as Sri vijaya valli thAyAr.  Since  his
consort is Sri vijaya vallith  thAyAr (Lady  Victorious)  he  was
never defeated  and he will never be defeated.

In Sri  Abeethi  sthavam slokam 23 (*), SwAmi dEsikan  pleads  to
Sri RanganAthan that "prabhO, this place is full of virOdhis  and
their  Adikkam is to be wiped out. Sri chakra rAjAn is one who is
the "soul" or Athman for Agni, Sooryan  and  chandran  the  three
sources through which the universe is lighted up. Through them it
is Sri chakra rAjan  who  provide light and destroy this darkenss
and annyAnam  in  this universe.  His  pradhAna  Ayutham  is  Sri
chakram itself.  He has  15  other dominant weapons in order. All
these  weapons  are  contained in his swaroopam all the time.  He
works in unison with all the weapons in him work together when he
is on a mission under  his command as is the sEnai muthali of all
these weapons that are embedded  in this one man army. When comes
out he conducts as similar to how the dEvathAs do in all humility
and  as  if he is a very ordinary bAgawathA.  Yet  everything  is
embedded in  him. He is the most potent of all of the weapons and
and everyother one can think of.  Your  city of Sri rangam has to
come back  to normalcy and all the uthsavams of Sri rangam has to
be  celebrated  without any stop.  Your  kainkaryam  has to go on
uninterruptted.  nitya ArAdhanam has to continue for you for ever.
The current crisis created by these  virOdhis must come to an end
soon.  The   prayOga   chakram   seated   in   your  hand  should
auotmatically set out and spin around and establish  the  dharmam
in this boolOga vaikundam Srirangam.  The   dharma  chakram  must
revlove around once again in your kshEthram Srirangam and protect
your uninterruptted kainkaryam.

Swami dEsikan goes on to say in the 24th slOkam  of  Sri  abeethi
sthavam(**) "You are superior and you are the sarva Otthaman. You
You are the one who was worshipped from Sri Manu onwards  in  the
most aupicious way with all the kramams and niyathi, SrirangarajA
You are always induced by Sri ranganAyaki thAyAr  and  encouraged
by Sri Boomi dEvip pirAtti in your karunyA  sAgaram.  Your  mercy
and aruL is similar to an ocean and it is always churned and kept
active by pirAtti. The current terror and crisis that struck your
city is created by those who  are  equal to asurAs. Your kArunyAm
as induced by  thAyArs  must  overflow  and  you  must  think  in
yourself and act to save this city. ie. . Your "will"  must  take
shape in favour of  destroying  these evel  forces  and  help  us
serve you uninterruptedly. You must have your thiru uLLam to save
this city from the current crisis.

First Swami dEsikan directly  pleads  to  Sri chakra rAjan seated
in the hand of Sri  namperumAL.  None other than Swami deikan had
mastered the ahir budhanya samihitha so well. Realizing that  Sri
chakra rAjan  is   none  other  than the "will" of the Lord Swami
dEsikan quickly prays in the next verse,  for  the  "will" of the
Lord to take place.

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadigaLE saraNam
adiyEn irAmAnusa dAsan
thiruk kudanthai Sampath Rengarajan

(*) - Please read  the follwing URL on Sri Abheethi sthavam written
by Sri Sudarshan.

(*) - A book was authored by Sri K. N. Srinivasan, published by Sri
Mani  pAduka  nidhi  trust,  Srirangam  in  memory  of  Smt  dEvaki
parthasarathy   the  founder  of  Sri  Ranga  matriculation  school
Srirangam. This book had an unique patha  vurai.  In  addition this
book also had all these verses of sri Abeethi shtuvam, composed  in
great rAgAs. bAgawathAs who are in US, and can sing  may please let
me know if they are interesred,  adiyEn have a few copies left with
after giving away  a few  during  Sri Pomona Ranganthar temple maha

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