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From: Guna Venkat (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 14:47:27 PDT

Dear Srivaishnavas
Adiyen Gunaseelan Venkatachary , Mudaliyandan sishya would like to add to
the message sent by Sri.Shanta Kumar .
I think for the SriVaishnavas hailing from kAnchipuram or Thonda Nadu would
have already had a knowledge of Paramapatha Vasi K.K.V.A Kumara
Venkatacharyar's vaibhavam, if not adiyen would like to add my 2 cent worth
feelings about my beloved acharya.

He was a UpayaVedantar and had a through knowledge of Ramanuja Sampradayam
without any doubt.  As you see Swamy has lived as an example to his Janma
nakshatram Karthigayil Kathigai of Thirumangai Alwar in Vaaku, Manasu and
Kaayam.kAnchipuram Syshyas used to say that Swamy never missed any
DevaPerumal's Kaimkaryam irrespective of health and other things, such was
his commitment to the Sampradayam . Also as a syshya I know well that Swamy
never had any inclination towards money , even any Sambavani form syshyas,
swamy will never look in to it ( and Swamy's living  financially was taken
care only by the Syshya Sabha ) such is the clear thinkiing he had .

 I am getting really excited to share the info that Swamy had Sambandam of
both Mudaliyandan and Koorath Alwan. As a descendant of Vadula Kulam, swamy
had Mudaliyandan kula sampandam, and thru that Swami Emberumanar also. At
the same time Swamy also had a kaimkarya Bhagyam of Koorth Alwan very often.
Swamy never missed Thai Hastham at Kooram, I request Sri KM Narayanan and
other Kooram Syshyas to add to this, they were very fortunate to be so close
to Swamy throught. Infact Swamy's son-in law (mApillai) is still doing
Sannidhi Kaimkaryam at Kooram , such an affection Swamy's paramparai had at
Koorath Alwan.

Adiyen used to learn a lot from swamy's mangalasasanam in Yathiraja
Padhuka - a monthly magazine of Mudaliyandan syshyas. His kaimkaryam was
excellant and beyond par , and its really fortunate to contribute for the
Sathabisheka Thirunakshatram of the great Acharya as much as possible and
get the Acharya's krupai . And if any Srivaishnava living in US or around
like to contribute to such a great occasion pl mail me your pledging, I am
going to India for this Mahotsavam and will submit it to the achrya's feet.

You will get the Acharya Prasadam (Pendant, Upanyasa Cassettes, and the
Sadhabisheka Malar and the mainly Acchadai..)
Note this Malar is  organised by Dr.VV Ramanujam of Triplicane so you can
think of the artha visheshams embedding inside it.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Gunaseelan Venkatachary
(Off )408 588 6672

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> Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah
> Sri Venkata Guruve Namah
> Sri Vara Vara Munaye Namah
> Sri Annavilappan Thiruvadigale Saranam
> Sri K.K.V.A. Ramanujachar Thiruvadigale Saranam
> Respected Srivaishnavas,
> This is an Invitation from Sri Mudaliandan Swami
> Thirumaligai.
> Swami K.K.V.A Kumara Venkatacharyar's Mahotsavam (
> SADABHISHEGA star birthday celebration) is being
> celebrated during the Tamil Month of Karthigai in the
> current Tamil Year Vishu, from the 2nd day of
> Karthigai to 15th day of Karthigai (17.11.2001 to
> 30.11.2001) Virchika Krithica Mahotsava Sathumurai
> will be on Friday the 30th November 2001.
> To view Invitation and more details please click here
> :
> All are cordially invited.
> Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,
> K.M. Shantha Kumar.
> (on behalf of Sri Mudaliandan Swamin Thirumaligai)
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