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ezhil Azhi iRaiyavan - part 1 - thiruch chakkara rAjan thiru vizhA

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 00:08:15 PDT

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam

(In this part a brief introduction is given about this mini series)

ezhil Azhi iRaiyavan - part 1 - thiruch chakkara rAjan thiru vizhA
(English menaing for this title is given below)

Dear bAgawathAs,

Our life itself revolves in a chakram in a cyclic way everyday. We
can never forget or get away  from  the  influence  of  this  kAla
chakram in our life. We  would  want to  and  continue  with  some
additions of Sri chakrahtAzhwAr vaibavam narrated  brilliantly  by
Sri V.Sadagopan. Swami  Desikan addressed our Sri ChakrathAzwAr as
"ezhil Azhi iRaiyavan" in "para matha bangam".  Meaning "The  most
beautiful and majestic looking Chakra rAja perumAL". I will give a
brief meaning of two pasurams namely the first and the last of the
"para matha bangam", a tamil prabhandham that mainly was delivered
to condemn and contain the influence of the other faiths,  in  the
next part. Swami Desikan  worships Sri Chakra rAja perumAL of this
thiruk kudanthai kshEhtram  when he begins this prabhandham and as
well as when he ends. These two pAsurams stand as the rakshai (the
wheel that protects) for this prabhandam. But first,  I  thank Sri
V.Sadagopan  for writing this series  when  it is most required to
glorify Sri Chakra rAja perumAL. These writings are  happening  as
Sri ChakrapAni kOil in Sri bAskara kshEthram (thiruk kudanthai) is
getting  ready to celebrate the mahA  samprOkshanam. I thank   Sri
V.Sadagopan  for  encouraging and providing me with an oppurtunity
to add  to his writings.

The following tamil verse  and its english meanings are written to
provide some taste or rucchi to kick start this mini series. Those
who donot know tamil, please skip this part.

Tamil: Chakkara vAzhkkai (these can be read in Adhami tamil fonts)

vittu  vittu  pOdappatta  veLLaik  kOdugaLukkuL  oru vEga vAzhkkai.
kannAdith    thirAikkuL  "lagAn"  illAmalEyE   kaNgaL   kattuNdana.

kaRpanaiyil  pala  yukthigaL,  varai  muRaigaL  aRaycchi  enRa  uRu
edukkum. mugam thriyAmalEyE pala mahAnudukal nadakkum.

mudivillamalEya avai muRRup peRum. illatthin
ubasAratthil nALin vErvai ellam AviyAkum. vAych chollil  Oru  kuLir
mazhaiyum,  oru  kOdi puNNiaym kidaikkum.

niRaivEratha Ekkanagalin moottai  thinam  irAvin   madiyil   iRakki
vaikkap  padum.

aranganin uruvil oru kaNam layanam. adaiyinil sAya mun  janmangaLin
AsaiyellAm theerum.

vidiyum mun, meendum oru muRai intha boolOgatthil  pirakka  mun pOl
yanthira vAhana Ottam.  avasaratthil  thinam  anuttAnam, athan  pin
arai  kuRai   vELai  thodakkam.

intha  kAla  chakkaratthil  uzhala  thiruch  chakkaratthiIrkku  oru
thiru vizhA ena azhaippu vanthathu.


There  are  those  dotted  white lines.  We spend our life speeding
between those  white  lines  as a commute between our work and home
every day in the interstate highways. Many of us spend our lives in
the middle lane. Sometime we are even called "those middle laners".
We travel every day for an hour or so either way and spend valuable
time of our lives between those lanes. When we are at our workplace,
we stay focussed in our work. Our eyes are glued to  those computer
screens. It is as if our eyes are  restrained  within  that  window
without a "lagAn" (Oh yeah we hear "lAgAn" all the time these  days!).
We spend most of our time  staring  at  our computer screens. While
doing so we do think of many  strategies,  frame works,  plans  and
processes.  The  combination  of all these imaginary work takes the
shape as a "Research". Due  to  our  involvement in many forums, we
keep participating  in  many "Telephone meetings"  for the  rest of
the day. They  advance  these tele commuting a lot these days after
Sept 11.  But all of them end without any conclusion. Yet we go for
several rounds of these phone meetings without any  resolution  and
accumulate our frustrations.

When it was about very late in the evening,  the  sweet  words from
the home will quench some  of  the tiredness. We will feel relieved
with those smoothening words.  Such  words  will sometime evaporate
all the sweat we experienced the whole day toiling at our work. The
children are  almost  at  bed  and  are  begging to talk everynight
and fighting to find  as  to why we  are away all the  time.  Their
"mazhalai" (child language) will cool us off as similar to a paruva
mazhai or seasonal rain. We feel as if  we  are those crops waiting
for this shower. Those words will realize us with a jackpot  of  10
million  PuNNiyams.  Not  knowing  how exhausted yet, the older one
will want a pillow fight at the bed and the younger one  will  want
a nice song to sleep. We do these every day no matter how  tired we
are. Thanks  Lord, you gave this lowkeekam or else we would live  a
life of mere slavery to these office routine ?

By  the  time  we  go to bed it is nearing nadu jAmam. We recap the
days  events  for  a  minute. We think of many of those unfulfilled
thoughts and dreams. Our such unfulfilled  cravings are accumulated
to huge loads of several bags. Not knowing of what to do with those
bags, we unload them  onto  the lap of night time. ie..  We have no
other way than to lessen our burden as we prepare to goto bed, only
to pick them up from where  we  left  and  carry  them on our heads
forward in the next day. It is then we decide to see the thiru mEni
of Lord Sri Arangan. His thiru muga mandalam looks so brilliant and
alive. We  forget  ourselves for a moment on those radiant kArunyap
pArvai. We see HIM speak  through  HIS eyes, "Please bear all these
trouble if any sometimes, for my sake and enjoy this wonderful life
with our blessings. Nothing happens without MY knowledhge". Soon we
put our head on HIS thiruvadi (in our mind) and close our eyes  and
sleep. When we do so we feel, it is as if all those desires  of all
the previous janmams are fulfilled.

After  some  sleep,  we once again get up in the very early morning
before  sunrise.  It  is  as if we are born again in this boolOgam.
Once again the mechanically driven life, begins.  We do  our  daily
anushtAnam in a hurry. We remember  Sri  Thondar  adip podi AzhwAr.
"thoNdukkE kOlam  pooNdu" (thiru mALai 33; I simply dressed up like
a bAgawathA and came to you,  it seems you also believed our vEsham
and blessed me.) It  seems Sri Ranganathar   believes   our  vEsham
and yet  command  us  with some  tasks in  this  boolOgam everyday.
Then we look at our beloved Lord Sri thEn (Oppili) appan who  tells
a forecast for the day  through  HIS  eyes.  Sometimes  HE  smiles,
sometimes he is sober, and so on.  After  that  we  once  again  go
through those guided white lines and reach our  work.  We begin our
work that was  stopped   half  the way the previous  day.  When  we
dwell in this cyclic life (chakkara vAzhkkai)  dictated by  perumAL
thiru uLLam,  what a pleasant surprise HIS thiru chakrarAja perumAL
sends an  invitation  to participate in HIS thiru vizhA.

The Sri  Chakrapani  temple  in thiruk kudanthai chakra paditthurai
is scheduled to have   the  mahA  samprOkshanam on Oct 29, 2001. We
will write a brief thala  purAnam of this temple and Sri ChakrarAja
mahimai in 8 parts  and  join Sri  V. Sadgopan  in  his  sudarshana
vaibava anubavam. Incidentally  Sri SeshAdri  Bhattar  the  AsthAna
Bhattar of the temple (whom adiyEn knew from my  childhood)  called
for help. They have spent  millions  of  rupees  already renovating
the temple. They need help for the yAga sAlai. adiyEn  was thrilled
to  learn that and agreed to support right away. They have a budget
of Rs 400,000 to be  spent  on  yAga  sAlai.  adiyEn was  asked  to
collect   and contribute to the tune of Rs. 100,000. adiyEn and Sri
V. Sadagopan  have already come up with Rs 55,000 by the two of us.
There are others who  may  come   around  to join. adiyEn   request
bhakthAs   from Kumbakonam and abhimAnis of Sri Chakra rAja perumAL
to  join   this   very rare  kainkaryam. adiyEn  cannot contain the
joy of  writing  about   Sri ChakrarAjan and the yAgam. There is  a
very  unique  relationship between yAgam and this puNNiya kshEthram
that  adiyEn will write in one of the parts.

Please reply by personal mail  to  adiyEn if you are interested  in
this kainkaryam.  adiyEn  will  provide the details for sending the
money is to be sent. ie.. address etc.  (By the way,  Sri  SeshAdri
bhattar DONOT have 80G status for tax relief).

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadigaLE saraNam
adiyEn irAmAnusa dAsan
thiruk kudanthai Sampath Rengarajan

Please  be  assured  that adiyEn will complete  the  series  on  Sri
thEnappan and publish it after this.

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