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[lecture-Announce] AshTa shlOki discourse this saturday (Oct 20)

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 06:34:09 PDT

SrImate rAmAnujAya namaha

Dear bhagavathas,

We are honored and delighted to announce the next live upanyaAsam
(discourse) inTamil
by Sri U Ve E S Bhoovarahachar Swami on Sri ParAsara BhaTTar's ashTa shlOki.

Synopsis of previous upanyasam on 9/15/01 by Sri ES Bhoovarahachar swamy

AshTashlOki is considered to be one of the most insightful works of renowned
sri vaishNava Acharya, Sri parasara bhaTTar (PB), an intellectual giant,
whose  divine insights and consummate mastery of the conceptual
underpinnings of srI vaishNavam were matched only by his devotion to
emberumAnAr and srI ranganAtha.  Our sampradAyam, known as the tatva traya
sampradAyam, is built around realization of the ultimate reality (paramAtma)
and relationship between chith, achith and Ishwara.  This realization is
captured in its essence by the three exalted rahasyAs of the Sri VaishNava
tradition, thirumantram, dvayam and Sri Krishna charama shlOkam.
Comprehension of the esoteric meaning of prapathi (surrender), encapsulated
by the rahasya thraya, forms the essential basis for obtaining artha
panchaka gnyAnam, the knowledge of five fundamental elements that lead to
the comprehension that srImannArAyaNa is the ultimate upAyam (means) and
upEyam (goal) for all prapnnas.

In AsTashlOki, swamy PB delineates the very essence of the thirumantram,
dvayam and charam shlOkam, in eight stanzas.  The first four stanzas
describe the meanings expounded in the thirumantram, and the other four
provide an easy path to understanding the essence of dvayam and charama

In his wonderful upanyasam of 9/15/01, Sri Bhoovarahachar swamy took us on a
delightful journey, laying bare the brilliant insights latent in the third
shlOkam of ashTa shlOki (akArArthAyaiva swamaha matha mahyam na
nivahAha....kainkarya vidhayaha), describing how the exclusive appellation
of the paramAtma, nArayaNa, means that He alone is the controlling,
sustaning support for the whole universe of chit (animate) and achith
(inanimate) elements, how He is the Supreme reality whose soulabhyam means
that he is easily accessible to everyone of us, how all of us belong to Him
and Him only (not to ourselves or anybody else - ananyArha sEshatvam), how
it is our very intrinsic nature to aspire for kainkaryam at His lotus feet,
irrespective of our own state of mind, location or situation, how He is the
sole facilitator for such ultimate purushArtham.

Sri Bhoovarahachar swamy, whose endearing style of delivery is marked by the
ability to
simplify, communicate, abstruse tattvArthams (familiar to all those who have
dialled into the previous upanyasams) will continue the discourse series
with the fourth shlOkam of ashTa shlOki

TOPIC:      Sri Parasara BhaTTar's AshTa shlOki
DATE:       October 20, 2001 (SATURDAY MORNING)
TIME:       10:00 AM CST/8:00 AM PST
Suggested donation:       $10 per family

Conference number: 1-405-244-5555
Access code: 1533#    (Please enter # after the 4 digit number)

AzhwAr emberumAnAr Jeeyar thiruvadigalE sharaNam

aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

sridhar srinivasan

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