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How to ascertain janma nakshtram for babies born in US

From: shrinath mk (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 06:09:18 PDT

Srimathe rangapriya mahadeSikaya nama:
Srimathe lakShmi narasimha parabrahmaNe nama:

Adiyen's dandavat namaskarams to the Bhagavatha
My cousin's wife gave birth to a male child at 2.00 PM
on 10/17/2001 in Atlanta and as per Mysore onTikoppal
panchangam, October 17th is tula sankramaNam day and
the NakShtram is Chitta. Can same be considered as
janma nakShtram for this baby also, or since there is
91/2 hours lag in time, does the nakshtram change?
Adiyn request the learned to clarify. 
Adiyen Sri ramanuja dasan,
MK Shrinath

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