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ChakkaratthAzhwAn /Sudarsana Bhagavaan Vaibhavam: Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 18:38:19 PDT

Dear Sri Sudarsana BhakthAs:

The six Questions posed by Sri GhOshtipuram 
RaamAnujAchArya Swamy and his responses to them
are summarized below with some additional 
comments :

1. Who is referred to by the name "Sudarsanan"?

Swamy Desikan gives the answer to this question
in the very first slOkam of Sri ShOdasAyudha SthOthram:

sva-sankalpa kalA-kalpair-Aayudhair-AayudhEsvara:
jushta: shOdasibhir-dhivyair-jushathAm Va: PARA: PUMAAN

(Meaning): May the Lord of weapons of Sriman NaarAyaNan , 
(i-e) Sudarsana BhagavAn confer auspiciousness on You all.
He is the one worshipped by the sixteen divine weapons , 
which stand as the small portions of the Lord's Sankalpam. 
Sudarsana BhagavAn is the Parama Purushan worshipped by
these Sixteen powerful weapons , which are yEkadEsa-thulya 
bhAgams of Sriman NaarAyaNan's Sva-Sankalpam.

The second and the 18th slOkams of Swamy Desikan's
ShOdasAyudha SthOthram throw additional light on 
the Tathtvam standing behind Sri Sudarsana BhagavAN:

YadhAyattham jagacchakram Kaalachakram cha Saasvatham
Paathu vasthath PARAM CHAKRAM Chakraroopasya ChakriNa:

(Meaning): May the ChakrAyudham ( one of the sixteen 
divine weapons ) adorning the hands of ChaakratthAzhwAn
protect you all ! The universe is rotating eternally 
driven by the tatthvam of Kaalam ( Second-minute-hour-day-
month-year ).This Kaala Tatthavm is under the control of
the ChakrAyudham , which is the chief among the  weapons
of the Lord. He ( The Lord) Himself takes on the form of
this Chakram (Sudarsana Roopam ). 

asthra-grAmasya kruthsnasya prasUthim yam prachakshathE
sOavyAth SudarsanO Visvam Aayudhai: ShOdasAyudha:

(meaning): May Lord Sudarsanan adorning all the sixteen 
divine weapons protect the entire universe with them! 
He is indeed the origin of all the assembly of weapons
in this world. SaashtrAs identify Him as the source 
kaaraNam for the entire assembly of weapons .

Thus , By the Naamam Sudarsanan , we understand that 
He is (1) form of the Sankalpam of the Lord (2)He is 
the Lord of Kaala Tatthvam and (3)He is the source sthAnam 
( Uthpatthi ShtAnam) for all the weapons of the world.

Lord's sankalpam is behind the creation , protection
and destruction of the universes and its beings 
(Sentients and Insentients). That renowned Sankalpa ninaivu 
(thought) is Sudarsana Bhagavaan( Jagath prakruthi-bhAvO
Ya: Saa sakthi: parikeertthithA ).

Our Lord has six GuNams as ShAdguNya ParipoorNan .
These are Jn~Anam , Bhalam, Sakthi, Veeryam , tEjas
and Isvaryam. He is therefore known as Para Brahman
displaying  all these GuNAs in their entirety.This
Supreme Being desires to become many (Bahu syAm ithi)
and that sankalpa Sakthi is Sudarsanan :

ShADguNyam Tath-Param Brahma Svasakthi-pari-brumhitham
Bahu syAmithi SANKALPAM  BhajathE Tath SUDARSANAM  

Question 2: What is the meaning of the Naamam , "Sudarsana"?

There are three ways to comprehend the meaning of 
the ThirunAmam of Sudarsanan .

adiyEn will cover these meanings as explained by
ThirukkOttiyUr RaamAnujAcchAr Swamy in the next posting .

Sri Sudarsanaaya Nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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