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KKVA Swami- A Srivaishnava to emulate.
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 16:50:00 PDT

Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Thanks to you and Shantakumar for your updates on KKVA Kumara Venkatachar
Swami's upcoming, Thirunaktchatram , VIRCHIKA KRITHICA MAHOTSAVAM. I am
reminded of some sweet olden days of my sambandam with my Acharyan in
particular and and Sri Mudaliyandan Thirumaligai in general.

I would like to share with the group some of his anushtanams for which one
can decipher few lessons on how to be a good Sri Vaishnava.,

1. Hospitality

Swami  was extremely hospitable. The very first question he would ask if
you go to Mudaliyandan Thirumaligai would be 'Did you have your food'?
Many days I have seen Swami himself serving food to useless people like
me. (Ammangar , Swami's Patni is not allowed inside Kitchen, due to some
Thirumaligai practices)

2. Don't try to choose your Kaimkaryam for Lord:

Swami  never to used to consider one type kaimkaryam inferior to other
when it comes to temple kaimkaryam. Though a Scholar by himself in
Rahasya Granthams and an a master in Divya  Prapandam , he never misses an
opportunity to carry  Koorathalwan in his shoulders in the inner prakaram
in Kooram at such a old age.

3. Proper Guidance of Shisyas:

 He lived in Kanchi Thirumaligai for many years. He was respected and
revered by all Acharya Purushas of  kalais in  Kanchi. Such was the
humility of the swami while dealing with people. He always advices his
sishyas to respect everyone around , have strong belief in Perumal and
one's anushtanams.

4. Don't Hurt others:

 Even while giving judgments on matters, he used to carefully choose words
and never hurts anyone.

5. A typical Upaya Vedanta style:

 For matters of quoting instances from Sri Vachana Bhushanam and
Mumookshapadi, he was a master himself, he was the last of Acharyas I have
seen who could use Sanskrit and Tamil very nicely while writing.

6. During Ghosti Parayanam, chant with Harmony without discord:

This baffles me  even today , Swami used to stammer during normal
conversations. However, if he sits for Divya Prapandam or Veda Parayanam,
he has clear,sweet voice complemented by good Parayanam skills and mastery
over the words,chandas etc. When he is incharge of Ghosti in places like
Kooram or Kazhiyur, I have seen chanting of the  Ghosti would  be in


KM Narayanan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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