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Few doubts

From: badri narayanan (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 01:14:36 PDT

Dear friends,

I have  having the following doubts

1) How are concepts like Time and Space handled in our Sampradayam.What is Time?.What was existing before Time?.Are there any works of Azhwars or Acharyas dealing with these issues.

2) We say Vedas are Apoursheyam, eternal and have no date of origin ,but at the same time we say Rig veda as the Oldest.When we say that it is oldest doesnt time come in to play here.Doesnt the term oldest indirectly means a time of origination.Does it mean Rig veda originated first and then came other vedas.

3)How can there be any karma associated with the first birth.I understand Perumal says in GITA that jiva is eternal and there was never a point in time where it was not existing.Can anybody explain?

Pardon my ignorance

Adiyaen Srinivasa Daasan


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