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Re: Yugams and Prehistoric ages

From: Rajaram Venkataramani (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 12:53:02 PDT

Dear Balaji -
 I read a book titled "Forbidden Archaelogy" authored by Michael Cremo. In this book, he uses some of the archaelogical evidence like presence of engineered items alongside prehuman fossils. He argues that there are archaelogical evidence that challenges most of our modern theories about ages, origin of life in general and humans in particular. He has compiled most of this archaelogical evidence from independant researchers. 
One thing is that most of the dating methods have exponential increase in error margin with time. Another point is that the interpretation of data is done to fit within current models because it is difficult to push radical ideas within the current scientific research community. There are also funding issues that set the direction of a research. 
The vedic model is the most accurate model of the universe. The time zones are beatifully classified from the breath of Sriman Narayana to the life times of Brahmas, Brahma's days, yugas, manvantaras, and all the way to fractions of a second. It would be a nice article to have which explains the time zones and out current coordinates. In the book Forbidden Archaelogy, Michael Cremo explains the Vedic classification of ages and how archaelogical evidence substantiates vedic view more than it does the modern view. The modern view seems ridiculously limited in the conception of the length of the universe or the age of humans. 
  Balaji Iyer <> wrote: Is there any relationship between the various Yugams ex..Treta Yugam ;
Dvapara Yugam and the evolutionary concept of Ice age ; Stone age etc ? How
are they similar and how do they differ ? Do we know how long a Yugam lasts
? Do different yugas have different time lengths ?


- SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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