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Re: [SriRangaSri] Re: Yugams and Prehistoric ages

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 06:23:30 PDT

Hari Hari,

The following are my understandings. Respected
Bhaagavathaas may kindly pardon anything that is wrong
and corret the me.

As is Vedic religion Sanaatanam, so is Samayam. As
Shreeman Naaraayanan is with no aadi and antyam, so is
Samayam. Out of our highly limited intellect (Buddhi),
we cannot get an idea of the scale of Samayam which is
infinite at both the ends, same with Shreeman

As I have read in some Panchaangam, long time ago :

Life of Kali is 432000 Years 
Life of Dwaapara is 432000 * 2 Years 
Life of Treetaa is 432000 * 4 Years
Life of Kruta is 432000 * 8 Years

The four Yugas in the order of Kruta, Treetaa,
Dwaapara and Kali make one cycle of Chaturyugam.

Each Yuga is specified with specific methods to become
one in Shreeman Naaraayanan, and for Kali it is Hari
Naama Sankeertanam and Hari Kathaa Shravanam. This is
really a great opportunity for all of us, because it
is something like the greatest of the greatest of the
greatest of the ...... is being given at DISCOUNT (or
why DISCOUNT, is being given FREE). May Shreeman
Naaraayanan bless all of us to be always in his

Related to the life span of Yuga or cycle of
Chaturyuga is associated with different types of
Pralayams. Respected knowledgeble Bhaagavathaas may
show more light on this matter.

Hari Hari

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