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Re: SriRamanujavatarasamayam

From: Balaji Ankem (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 06:10:05 PDT

Dear Sri Ramanuja and Bhagavathas,
  Yes what ever Ramanuja had written in this mail is exactly correct .

And i am adding some more here..

Some people who may not know jyothisham correctly  may be mistakenly written as Karkataka Raasi instead of Karkataka Lagna.

And it is impossible to be  Thursday the twelth Chaitra , Thrayodasi Thidhi.

Avathara samayam

Swasti sri Pingali nama Samvatsara, Chaitra suddha panchami,  Thursday,  Ardra star,  Karkataka Lagna , Midhuna raasi (1007 April 4th).

 And it is same as Sri Rama  avatar (Karkataka Lagna).


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Dear Bhaktas,
Adiyen came across the following nALpAttu of SriRamanujacharyar.

 KalyabdE divyakumbhe budhajanavidithE vathsarE pingalAkhyE
 ChaithrE mAsE gatE cha triyutha dashadinE dIpyamAnE himAmshou
 Panchamy-ArdrA samEthE suragurudivasE karkatAkhyE cha lagnE
 SrimAnrAmAnujAryas samajani nigamAnthArtha samrakshaNArtham

In Kalivarsha 4118 (present Kalivarsha is 5103)in the famous Pingala year,
after lapse of 13 days in chaitra masa, when moon was shining with Panchami
tithi and Ardra star, on the day of the guru of the devas, Thursday, and in
Karkataka lagna, sriman Ramanuja incarnated for the protection of the meaning
of the upanishats.
  Here, since the thirteenth day of Chaitra masam cannot be panchami, it
has to be interpreted as Mesha or chitthirai masam in my opinion.
 So this sloka tells us that the avatAra samayam was on a thursday
panchami with Ardra star (moon was in Mithuna rashi) and the Sun was in
Mesha rashi and with Karkataka rashi in ascendance (karkataka lagna) or
rising in the east just as for SriRama (karkatE lagnE). This gives us the
important aspects of the jatakam.



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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