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Re: A few doubts
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 14:39:27 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Dear KRishna,
You wrote,

 "Saranagata at the end of this birth surely reachs sri:pati. Then what
is the significance/necessity of during pitru tarpanam for such soul?

4. I have read the story of a sage who after eating meat says "Jeernam
Jeernam Vatapi Jeernam". How is that a sage ate non-veg? Also I heard
that eating of non-veg is not condemned in vedam. Is it true? If so, why
now non-veg is prohibited?"

I am just sharing with you what I heard from elders regarding 2 of your

1. A saranagatha of couse reaches the abode of the Lord . However, a
jeeven who is in this world still performs pitru thrpanam ,Sraddham etc
for the departed souls becuase

a. it is part of nitya /maimityaha karma ordained by Lord Krishna himself
to perform. Hence one performs these only in the mode of pleasing the

b. If you carefully read tharpna mantras, you would realise that though
one calls his pitru's names, he only calles  the devatas in thier
position. for instance we say 'Aditya roopena or Rudra roopena, etc' The
argyam  reaches only these demi gods who are representative of our pitrus.
Further, Ultimately we also dedicate everything to  SRI KRISHNA.....

2. I am not aware of the story of sage saying "Jeernam
Jeernam Vatapi Jeernam". May be you are referring to Agastya who ate away
some demons.

Unlike Bhuddists or Janis, the opinion on  eating of meat is slightly
different in our sastras.It is  based on the nature of one's job(duty) and
depends on Gunas one need to have to perform the duty.

For instance, Bhagavatas need to be of sattvic nature and hence they
should not eat meat and  some vegetables to maintain their  mode of peace
and truth(sattvic).

However, Kings needed passion and strength to protect their people and
hence there is no harm in they eating cretain kind of meat.

Hence it is not the question of the Veg/Non Veg .  It is more who you are,
what is your duty and what kind of food that keeps you in optimum
performance level.


KM Narayanan


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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