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A few doubts

From: Chakravartula Krishna (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 09:35:02 PDT


Dear Bhagavatas pranamams,

I request learned bhagavatas to clarify the following doubts I am

1. During achamanam why is that only achuta, ananta and govinda namas
are chanted? Any special significance to these names in this regard? why
not others?

2. During Urdhvapundra dharana we chant Kesava namam and put tiruman on
the forhead. Where as in the achamanam we touch the right cheek for
kesava namam. So my doubt is why and how 2 different places for the same

3. Saranagata at the end of this birth surely reachs sri:pati. Then what
is the significance/necessity of during pitru tarpanam for such soul?

4. I have read the story of a sage who after eating meat says "Jeernam
Jeernam Vatapi Jeernam". How is that a sage ate non-veg? Also I heard
that eating of non-veg is not condemned in vedam. Is it true? If so, why
now non-veg is prohibited?

5. I heard that Samithadanam is also a nithya karma. What is the
significance of Samithadanam? 

Please pardon me if I have asked any thing wrong and unwanted. Some of
them were in my mind for quite sometime and others arised oflate.

with narayana smaranams,

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