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interesting doubt regarding Srirangam

From: Balaji Ankem (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 03:41:59 PDT

                    :Om Namo Narayanaya:

Dear Sri Bhagavathas,
     It is a great boon to us to get Darshan of Ramanuja charyas body at
Srirangam .Nearly the body is around 900 years back.
     Is it Ramanujacharyas sankalpam  or bhaktas(sishyas) ??
     How is it possible being stiff up to now (in padmasanam)?? Is there
any support??
     what is the reason behind the preserving the body??
     Why they didn't follow our Hinduism rules??
     Please pardon me if any thing wrong in my questions.

Thanks and Regards


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