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question on heart and faith

From: damodara svarup (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 23:24:33 PDT

Dear devotees of the Lord,
Please accept my pranams.

Here I would like to ask one question on which I have
been thinking for a very long time.

Sri Malolan Cadambi is trying to present the evidence
that the heart (or let us say feeling) is only   a
designation given to us by material nature. (to what
we should definetely agree)
And the soul is beyond all such designations.
And the Absolute Truth cannot be reached, felt or
understood by such faculties.

So my question is - What is faith or Sraddha?

Is faith only a qualified condition of our mind and

Or is it the only true substential experience of
Spiritual Reality in this world, felt in the "heart"
of the soul, and independent from all our material

Where is the ultimate confirmation that Spiritual
Reality and the Supreme Lord are truly "real"?

Is it in the scripture?

Or is it with the soul in the form of faith?

Does the scripture gives the faith to the soul?

Or the faith of the soul recognizes the scripture and
takes it guidance and instruction on its journey?

Your insights into this subject will be greately

Yours sincerely,


Srinivas Fine Arts Ltd.

Dear Shree Damodara Swarup,

Here is what I found in the pramanas.

Logic and Heart:
1.) Philosophical Principles are beyond logic and the
human heart. This 
evident from the following pramana;

"When all the desires of the heart harbours are gone,
man becomes 
and reaches the brahmman here" (From the Katha
Upanishad as quoted by 
Mysore Hiriyanna)

Atma Shakshatkaram is one of the goals for a jiiva.
Here the heart is
different from the jiiva.

Using Logic to Understand Philosophical Principles

Philosophical principles are not just in the domain of
investigation, but they are beyond logic. Tarka plays
an important role 
understanding the pramana, but definitley,
philosophical principles are
beyond tarka, as again evident in the following
"Naisha Tarkena Matirapaneya -Logic does not determine
truths - which are beyond the the realm of senses"

Hope this helps.


Malolan Cadambi

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Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 1:51 AM
Subject: is there one truth?

> Dear devotees,
> Pranams.
> In reply to Malola Cadambi's posting - I feel that
> this is not an attitude of one who is Truth seeker.
> As far as I can understand here we are dealing with
> Absolute and Relative considerations.
> On the relative plane we can all be mutualy
> - untill there is the crossing of the line of Truth.
> Once somebody crosses the line of Truth, relative
> considerations becomes secondary.
> The Truth is the Absolute consideration.
> How our heart can respect falsity?!!!!!
> Please correct me if I am wrong.
> Your sincerely,
> damodar
> Srinivas Fine Arts Ltd.
> Sivakasi

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