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An Eyewitness on Thirumaniyazvan's sattumurai in Vinnathangarai

From: Sriram Ramanujan (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 07:49:20 PDT

Dear Members,
	I had the Great bagyam of attending sri Nigamantha Maha Desikans Sattumuai 
at vinnathagarai(29th sep) and thiruallikeni Ahobilamutt(07 oct).

I think garbothsavam for sri Desiakan is celeberated in only three palces 
(Thoopul,ThiruvahindraPuram and ThiruThanjai Manikkovil(Vinnathangarai)).

On 29th the day started with a Bright note ie the sun is Out.During the 10 
day long festival 3 days of purappadu (procession) was not carried out even 
inside the Temple of Sri Neelamega perumal (Where Nayanachariyar pradhistai 
seidha Sri Desikan resides). Due to Heavy Rain.

First by 9 am Thirumanjam to Sri Neelamegap Perumal Thayar,UbayaNachimars 
and Lord Hayagriva was performed.
At About 10 am
The Mangalasasanam Of sri Desikan started.
Every time magalasasanam is being done to the following sannidhis
1. 	Sri Neelamega Perumal
2.	Sri Andal
3.	PeriyaThiruvadi
4.	Hayagrivar
5.	Sengamalavalli Thayar
1. 	Periya Kovil
2.	Thiruvengadam
3.	Thirunarayana Puram
4.	KanchiPuram
5.	ThiruVahindra Puram
6.	ThiruKudandhai
7.	ThiruVinnagar
8.	Thirukandiyur

Then to Nammazvar and prumbudhur vallal
all in sri Neelamegar's temple Prakaram.

After this A small Gosthi (Jeera is served to all)

Then Sri Desikan Starts For ThiruThanjaiYali sannidhi about 5 mts walk from 
sri Neelamegars sannidhi (one of the Mamanikkovils).
mangalasanam to
Thanjai Yali
sri Thanjainaygi Thayar
sri Andal
sri Kaliyan.

After this A small Gosthi (Jeera is served to all)

After This desikan again Starts for Manikundraperumal (also one of the 
Mangalasasanams to
Sri Manikundrar
sri Ambuja Vallithayar

After this A small Gosthi (Jeera is served to all)


After This Desikan Proceeds to Vinnaru For Theerthavari.
The Time is About 1.15 pm.

After all the Rituals A Great Thirumanjam is done for SriDesikan.
All The Bhakthas Watch The Great Thirumanjanam With The Chanting OF Panch 
And Neeratam.The ThiruManjam was a real feast to all our eyes.
still before my Eyes.

After This Sri Desikan's Therthavari in Vinnaru Takes Place with All The 
Bhaktha Janams Immerssing in the Vinnaru.

The Time is almost 3.30 PM.

After This Iravadai Thertham and Jeera is Served to all the Bhaktha Janams.


After This Great ThadhiAradhanam is done in Sri Thanjai Yalis Sannidhi.
Regularly kadhamba sadham and Dhadhi Annam Will be served.
As this Time it was Ekadesi SaltFlour (Uppuma) was served to Bhakthas.


By 7:30 in the Evening Procession Of Sri NeelaMegar Along With Ubaya 
NAchimars Inside sri Neelamegars Prakaram is Performed.
It took some 1 hr .
Then chanting of Remaining Verses OF the Prabhandham.
Then Vedha Prabhandha Sattumurai the Ghosti was led by sri Srinivasan of 
Attended By some scholars.
Then Maridhai From sri NeelaMegan and Hayagrivars to sri Desikan.
Followed By  Ghosti
kanchipuram Idly.
Uppuma is served to all.
Each And Every One Participated in and it was a great Pleasure and releif to 
all From the hectic activities of day to day.

Pl forgive adiyen For any Mistakes.

Sriram Ramanujam

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