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ThiruvAimozhi NooRRandhAthi of Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL for the web pags of Sri MaamunigaL(MM): Part VII ( ThiruvAimozhi: I.6.1-11):

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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 18:59:34 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs:

In the Sixth paasuram of TVMN , MM salutes 
the AaarAdhya Sulabhathvam ( Easiness with which 
any one can perform worship to Sriman NaarAyaNan):

" parivathu il Isan padiyaip paNpudanE pEsi
    ariyan alan aaradhanaikku yenRu--urimayudan
  Othi aruL MaaRan ozhivitthAn ivvulahil
    pEthayarkaL tankaL piRappu "

(Prose order): Parivathu il Isan-Padiyai paNpudanE pEsi,
AarAdhanaikku ariyan alan yenRu urimayudan Odhi , aruL
MaaRan ivvulahil pEthayarkaL piRappu ozhivitthAn.

(meaning): SarvEswaran has got every thing He desires and 
is not expecting anything from us and therefore He is 
immensely pleased with whatever little  we offer Him with 
affection and devotion. Even if it is the minutest and most 
insignificant offering , He accepts what we offer as 
the greatest and best and through that act shows how easy 
it is to approach Him and worship Him (AarAdhana Soukaryam 
and Sulabhathvam). Swamy NammAzhwAr blessed us with this decad
to instruct us ( the deluded ones)about this aspect of 
the Lord's soulabhyam to remove the sorrows of being born
again in this samsAric world.

uyir Karutthu:
The Lord is the easiest to worship .One does not need
to stay away from offering worship to Him because of fear 
that one is ill qualified to worship Him as an AdhikAri 
or stay away from Him because of the worry that they do not 
have the right kind of material to worship Him (Saamagriya
Niyamam). He accepts even a blade of TuLasi or a petal
of flower or a drop of water as long as it is offered
in a spirit of Bhakthi.  

Swamy NammAzhwAr removes fear in the minds of people,
which holds them back from approaching Him for worship.
He says that anubhava janitha preethi ( joy born out 
of the performance of the AarAdhanam using whatever
one has as samarpaNams to the Lord) is the most important
requisite . One should not hesitate thinking that he or she
has no fitting upakaraNam ( materials to offer to the Supreme
Being) . Ananya PrayOjana BhAvam ( without thinking about
the fruits of such a worship ) is another mind set needed
to approach Him and offer worship. Swamy NammAzhwAr instructs 
us that" no distinct prescription or regulation is mandatory , 
when we serve the Lord out of spontaneous love and without
expectation of any returns".

In the first two paasurams of this decad, Swamy NammAzhwAr 
performs upadEsam for us. In the next two paasuram , he shares
his joyous anubhavam in this matter. In the fifth paasuram,
AzhwAr continues with his upadEsam and encourages those , who
hesitate to approach the Lord because of concerns about 
their adequacies . He says that " The Lord does not have
the temperament of analysing devotee's qualities for 
accepting or rejecting  " worship offered to Him. He 
instructs that we should resort to Him for Himself and
not for any phalan in return . AzhwAr reminds us that
the acquisition of the perfect state of knowledge is not
a prerequisite to worship Him and singing His Naamams
( Bhajan) alone is sufficent for His worship. AzhwAr
asks us to cast aside the temptations of the transient
worldly pleasures and then offer our worship to the Lord.

In the ninth paasuram, AzhwAr reminds us about the nature of
the Lord as "Sriya: Pathi" ( The Consort of MahA Lakshmi).
He reminds us that The Lord and His dear consort are a
Unique and matchless couple and the importance of both
to bless us for Sri Vaikunta PrApthi and nithya kaimkaryam 

In this ninth paasuram of this decad , Swamy NammAzhwAr 
pays tribute to MahA Lakshmi (ThirumahaLAr):
" ThirumahaLAr TanikkELvan perumai udaya PirAnAr 
  irumai vinai kadivArE"

Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan summarizes the important meanings 
behind these powerful lines of this Paasuram this way:

" The deliverer is not the singular, unaccompanied Lord 
but only the One who is Sriya: Pathi ( the consort of Lakshmi). 
The divine couple is rightly acclaimed as the ultimate God
of all dharmic acts. That couple is unique and has no second 
and is the one object of our worship.The Lord, the consort of 
Lakshmi removes both PuNyam and Paapam that we have accumulated , 
which are similar to the binding handcuffs in samsAram and 
prevent us from gaining Moksham . Punya may be golden chain 
and yet it is a handcuff.Both Punyam , the golden chain and 
Paapam , the iron chain are cut asunder by the Lord to gain 
sure deliverance ". 

UtthamUr Sawmy quotes a famous passage in this context:
" LakshmyA Saha HrushIkEsO DevyA KaaruNya RoopayA: Rakshaka:
Sarva SiddhAnthE VedAnthEapi geeyathE "The Lord united with
PirAtti serve as Yeka Mithunam and become SidhdOpAyam .Swamy
states further that Manthram , Aagamam , Tanthram and
TanthrAntharam ( the four kinds of Paancha Raathra 
SidhdAnthams) assert that PirAtti with PerumAL become
protectors of the world .Through Her Nithya Saaannidhyam
( eternal presence) with her Lord , She enhances Her Lord's
Vaibhavam and He is proud to call Himself as "Sriya: Pathi".
She becomes the cause for Moksha Pradhathvam in the company
of Her Lord.  

Links to the ThiruvAimozhi Pathikam of I.5.1-11
TVM I.6.1: "Pirivahai inRi nannIr thooy purivathuvum
puhai poovE " ( Oh BhakthAs! Please do not be separated 
from Him and offer even water as upachAram , if you do not
have anything else to offer. Even the offer of dhoopam 
would become equivalent to fragrant flowers).

TVM I.6.2:" Muthu-vEdha Mudalvannakku ,yethuvEthu 
yenn paNi yennAthuvE aatccheyumIdE " ( To that Lord,
who is the seed of ancient Vedhams , perform Kaimkaryams.
Please do not hold back worrying whether this is a worthy
Kaimkaryam or not . Please do not hold back thinking that 
you do not have any kaimkaryam that would be appropriate 
for Him. 

TVM I.6.3: " paadum yenn naa avan paadal, aadum yenn angam 
aNangE " ( Speaking of his anubhavam , Swamy NammAzhwAr 
says: My tongue sings about His limitless auspicious
attributes;the limbs of my body dance in response to
the offer of AarAdhanam to Him ).

TVM I.6.4: " aNangamena aadumen angam" ( My dancing limbs
will perform namaskArams to the Lord during this experience).

TVM I.6.5: " uLL KalanthArkku ohr amudhu" ( The Lord has 
no partiality to one or the other, when it comes to intimate
service to Him. He does not reject one and accept another
in this group of worshippers. HE BECOMES THE MATCHLESS NECTAR
He declares that He is "SamOham sarvabhUthEshu" in His 
GithOpadEsam .

TVM I.6.6: " nimir sudarAzhi NedumAl amudhilum aaRRa Iniyan"
( The Lord with the ascending flames of Sudarsanam is even
more delectable than the nectar churned out of the milky ocean).

TVM I.6.7: " (Avan) ThALLkaL talayil vaNangi naaLL kadalai
Kazhimin" ( Please place the Sacred feet of the Lord on
Your heads and cross the ocean of Time to reach the place
(Srivaikuntam) , which is outside the dimensions of Time).

TVM I.6.8: Outstanding and clear UpadEsam is given in 
this Paasuram . Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan summarizes 
the meaning of this paasuram this way: " Oh Ye Men
who cherish a desire to serve this Lord! First of all ,
throw away the temptation with regard to worldly 
pleasures. Having done this , devote yourselves to
the Lord and to His service. Pleased by this, the Lord 
will dispel all your sins that have been plaguing your life 
all through , as a hindrance to the realization of 
deliverance (Moksham).He will also surely confer 
the irreversible Sri Vaikunta entry ".

TVM I.6.10:" KadivAr thIya VinaikaL nodi aarum aLavu 
KaNN --MaadhavanArE " ( This Lord with MahA Lakshmi
is the One , who removes in a fraction of a second 
the greatest of all PuNya-PaapA pair ). 

Thus concludes this beautiful Sixth decad of 
the First Centum of ThiruvAimozhi summarized 
in a crisp manner by Sri MaamunigaL : " Isan 
Aaradhanaikku ariyan alan".

Swamy NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Vaazhi Maamunivan ThiruvAimozhi NooRRandhAthi
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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