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Re: srIvaishNavam in North India
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 16:42:59 PDT

You Wrote,

The famous rangAji mandir in ayOdhya was built by a
scion of the PB family, and is still being run by a
descendant of the family. In the earlier parts of this
century, there was a jIyar that adorned the pattam of
srIranga nArAyaNa rAmAnuja pItam called ayOdhyA
rAmAnuja jIyar. One of the scions of this family
translated thiruvAymozhi verse for verse, as well as
some of the commentaries into sanskrit, and
contributed to the spread of the divine wisdom of the
AzhvArs in North India.  The famous panasvAdi temple
in bombay was built largely through the influence of
srI. PB anantAchAr svAmi. Similarly in Ajmer, pushkar,
and various parts of rAjasthAn, there are a large
number of followers of the rAmAnuja sampradAya thanks
largely to srI. PB anantAchAr svAmi.

Respected Sri Varadan,

The Rangnathji Mandir is in fact in Brindavan and is managed by decentants
PB Swamy,(his Great grand son , Balak Swamy is well respected in that

The temple in Ayodya, is Ammaji Mandir, was build by a person belonging to
Mandayam. Even today, this temple is
managed by a trust created by a Judge of Mandyam family and this trust is
operated from Triplicane Chennai.

KM Narayanan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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