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about avataram

From: charchita rangacharya (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 23:57:09 PDT

dear bhaktas,
I'm a member of this bhakti list group for the past
few months and i find this to be a great effort in
quenching the thirst of bhaktas regarding vaishnava
sampradayam.I had a discussion with my friend.It is as
follows.She is a member of isckon and she tells that
krishna is not the avataram of vishnu.She is not ready
to believe he is the eigth incarnation of vishnu.I
told in vishnu puran it has been given but she tells
that all the ten incarnations are of lord krishna and
it is given in Shrimad BhagWad Gita and also in
ShriMad Bhaagwat.Whatever knowledge i'm having i know
that krishna is the incarnation of vishnu.She asked me
for proof.Can i get any evidence in terms of
scriptures and shlokas where it has been mentioned
that krishna is the incarnation of vishnu.Shw was
telling regarding bramhasamhita.Can i have a brief
knowledge that what brahmsamhita describes about and
is in that book it has been given that all the 10
incarnations are of krishna.
with regards

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