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kaNNani ninaiththalum sugame- post 9

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 23:53:55 PDT

Dear srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

My friend and colleague Mr. R.Srinivasan stationed at Abhudhabi is a regular
reader of these articles, which I do in bhakti lists. He commented "why not
include a line or two from Sri Subramania bharathi who enjoyed sri krishna
very much in manifold roles such 
kaNNan en arasan- king, 
kaNNan en thozhan- friend, 
kaNNan  en vElaiyaaL - servant, 
kaNNamma- en kaadhali- my lover, 
kaNNamma en kuzhandhai- my child [recall the very famous song chinnanchiRu
kiLiyE kaNNammaa] etc". 
[In my earlier articles, I referred few of bharathi's lines].  

In this light, I was going through the book again and the lines quoted in
post 8 struck me. Even after 3 days, after sending post 8, containing the
lines of bharathi, the thaakkam, the effect, force, vibrations of these
lines are so heavy and elaborate, gives that krishna anubhavam, aanandham.
Perhaps by the time you finish reading this mail, you will also feel the
impact of the lines of bharathi. My hands do not allow me to proceed further
without giving the meaning for those, who can not make it in tamil. Here it
is. Enjoy that aanandham of oneness with krishNa- "kaNNanai ninainthu
ninainthu kaNNeer ugum sugam" of OVS. Just to recollect properly, the lines
once again.

Kaalinaik kaiyinaal paRRik koNdu naam
Gathi enakku onRu kaattuvai enRittaal
Naalil onRu paliththidum kaaN enbaan
Naamach chollin poruL engu uNarvadhE? 
- kaNNan  en arasan - p 326 bharathi kavithaigal

meaning of words: 
kaalinaik - kaNNanin kaalinai- krishnanin thiruvadigaLai - the feet of my
lord krishna
kaiyinaal- with the hands
naam paRRik koNdu - we catch hold
gathi- maargam- vazhi- padhai- nilai- path- way- route- state 
enakku- to me
onRu kaatuvai enRittaal- please show me one if we say
naalil onRu- one in four
paliththidum- will score
kaaN- see for yourself
enbaan- he will say
naam ach chollin poruL- we, the meaning of such words, 
naamach chollin poruL - the meaning of the word which is his name- naamam
engu uNarvadhE- where to get or  where to realise

meaning: When we catch his feet with both hands and plead to him, oh, my
lord, please show me a way of salvation. He replies "one in four will give
you the fruit, you see for yourself". Where can I go to realise the meaning
of this. [Or, how to realise the meaning of his name].
1.	Please think for a moment- when we feel depressed or dejected, what
we do- fold the legs with hands and sit in an isolated place, put the head
down between the legs and brood over the cause of that reason for dejection
in the mind. This is nicely described as kaalainai kaiyinaal paRRik koNdu.
2.	When we feel depressed, then only, we start thinking of God and then
plead with him "please show me a way out - or- how to go about - hey why not
give me a solution? what is the route out of this difficult situation" etc.
- oh god, krishna gathi enakku onRu kaattuvai?

3.	When we want some favour from some body, please think- what we do?
Catch hold of the legs of the person standing in front by falling at his
feet - saashtaangamaai oru namaskaaram - praNaamam paNNi- then put out your
case in his ears- fall flat at his feet and catch his feet- saying you only
can save me and then plead your case. So kaalinaik kaiyinaal paRRik koNdu
naam gathi enakku onRu kaattuvai enRittaal.

4.	Krishna says naalil onRu paliththidum enbaan. This is the highlight
here. What is one in four- a quarter- in tamil it is kaal- it is legs -
feet- paadham- thiruvadi .

5.	The first step is to fall at his feet- oh my lord please show me a
way, show me a path of realisation. He shows again the thiruvadi- yes, my
bhaktha, you have fallen at my feet, now, this is the solution. It is my
duty to save you. Maa sucha: do not doubt. Your act of falling at my feet
will give you the fruits, solution for the problem etc. 
6.	Have I realised what krishna tells me? - naam ach chollin poruL engu
uNarvadhE? No, again and again, I plead please show me the way- but he has
already shown the way- fall at my feet, I will show you the way. 
7.	Oh what great lines- krishna, you have come and sat in these lines
and this poet to give this to the world.
8.	"naamach chollin poruL engu uNarvadhE?- how to get in full the
mahimai of his naamam- is it exhaustible enough- many have tried and failed-
repeatedly telling it alone makes the tongue sweet- sonna naa inikkudhu
sundharan naamam thannai.  
9.	See how simply the poet has placed all the saraNaagathy thathvam- he
says- I am not going use aakinchanathvam -ananaya gathithvam etc- all high
sounding words. I know my mother tongue and use it effectively. Has he done
it? Oh bhakthaas, you can now vouch.
10.	This "naalil onRu paliththidum kaaN enbaan" can also be taken as,
"hey I have already shown the way in my bhagavath geetha to my dear friend
arjuna". You also go through it - I have shown karma yOgam, gnaana yOgam,
bhakthi yOgam, if these three not possible then saranaagathy priciple is
there in the last chapter. So you follow any one. That will give you the

11.	Whether this has given fruits? Yes. See in the same poem kaNNan en
arasan bharathi says
	niththach chORinukku Eval seiyya vandhEn
	nigarilaap perum selvam udhavinaan
	vidhdhai nangu kallaadhavan ennuLE
	vEdha nutpam viLangidach cheidhittaan

meaning: I came here to do errands for getting the daily food. My king
krishna gave me incomparable wealth. I am not learned. But he made me to
understand the intricacies, subtleties, nuances, of the vEdham. 

So the fruits are for both the ikalOkam and paralOkam - here not only in
this earthly world and for the other world also are given for that act of

Now have added taste on kaNNan by way of another krithi
gOvardhana giridhara gOvindha
gOkula paalaka paramaanandhaa!

Sreevathsaankitha sree kousthuBhadhara
Bhaavaka bhayahara pahi mukundha - gOvardhana

Puruhootha makha vighaatha suchathura
PurushOththama pooritha jagadhudhara
MEru bhooridhair yaagha vidhoora
Meena kEthu satha kOti sareera - gOvardhana

Amitha kalyaaNa guNa agaNitha leela
Aparimitha aanandha gana nandha baala
Samitha dhaithya dhambha saanthya aadhimoola
Vimala maanasa vruththi vilasitha seela - gOvardhana

VahathO jagadhaNDa kOtis thava idham
Varadha kim adhbhutham achalEndhra vahanam
Mahaneeya keerthi maavahasi dhEhi mudham
Maagavanam madham apanayasi gaNam - gOvardhana

Aanandha amrutha vaaridhi khEla
Alaghu paraakrama anupama leela
Sree nandhaathmaja sritha jana paala
Sree kara kisalaya laalana lOla - gOvardhana

Paatitha thararipa paadhapa brundha
Paavana charitha paraamruthakandha
Naatya rasOthkaNta naanaaBharaNa
NaaraayaNa theertha architha charaNa - - gOvardhana

This is by naaraayaNa theertha another staunch krishna bhaktha. We will see
the meaning of this krithi and other carried over points in next post.


Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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