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Sudarshanam Mantram and Adeyan's breif introduction as asked
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 21:53:21 PDT

*Sri RamJayam*
*Sri LakshmiNarasimhaya Namahay*
*Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha*
*Sri Sarvtantra Swantantra Nigamanth MahaDesikaya Namaha*

Adeyan's Namaskaram to Oh Honourable, Respectable Sriman Narayana 
Bhakta Shri Sadagopan,

Blessed are those who are attended and responded. Adeyan is blessed 
by your attention and response Oh Honourable and knowledgeable Sriman 
Narayana Bhakta.

Adeyan takes pleasure in introducing as being named Anand Krishnan 
Iyengar and born in Mumbai. Adeyan's Honourable Father and forefather 
were residents of Poundarigpuram village near Oppuliapan Kovil in 
Tanjore District. Today residing at Vadodara city in Gujarat State of 
India, and moving to Santa Clara, California on 14 instant of October 
then following to New Jersey. Adeyan's family had been blessed by 
Ahobillum  Madam Higly Honorable Jeer since generations in past hand 
have been following his words as Sriman Narayana's Himself. Adeyan is 
blessed in this janma with  being a Brahmana and so has undergone 
thread ceremoney rightly. Adeyan had been blessed by Sriman Narayana 
with disciplines like performing Sandhya Vandanam. Adeyan is blessed 
upon by Sriman Narayana and Highly Honourable Acharya Shri of
Ahobillum Madam by rightly showering under Lords presence 
Samashryanam and Baranyasam. Adeyan had been following discipline to 
be observed after Samashryanam and Baranyasam.

Oh Sriman Narayana Bhakta, Adeyan has not had enough oppurtunity of 
being blessed with Highly Honourable Acharya Shri of Ahobillum Madam 
to have learnt lot many gyanam. Hence Oh Priy Sriman Narayana 
Bhakta , Adeyan has not been given the gyanam of Sudarshanam Manthram.

Adeyan is pleased and blessed by your response and attention and is 
happy. Adeyan would wait for the rightful time for being confered 
upon with the gyanam of Sudarshanam Manthram. *Sriman Narayana*

With your blessings Adeyan concludes.

*Sriman Narayana* *Sriman Narayana*
Adeyan Anand Dasan
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Subject: Re: Sudarshana kavacham

> Dear Sri Anand Iyengar:
> *SriRamaJayam*
> *Sri LakshmiNarasimhaya ParaBrahmane Namahay*
> *Srimate Ramnujaya Namaha*
> *Sri Sarvatantra Swantantra Nigamanth MahaDesikaya
> Namaha*
> Dear Sri Anand Iyengar:
> Where are you located ? Thanks for your kind note.
> With BhagavAn's anugraham , You will succeed in your efforts.
> AchAram is to observe the daily routines prescribed by
> our AchAryAs. SnAnam , SandhyA Vandhanam , et al.
> To which Acharya Vamsam do you belong ?
> They will provide you more detail locally
> on the minimums of AchAram . Sudarsana Manthram
> has to be blessed by a SadAchAryan . There are
> specific rites to follow for japam of this and other
> Manthrams . The most important two manthrams
> are : AshtAkshara Manthram , which you recieve as
> UpadEsam from your AchAryan and Gayathri Manthram
> that you recieve from your Father at the time of the sacred
> thread ceremony. Finally , It boils down to performing
> thrikAlka SandhyAvandhanam as a prime requisite.
> Hope this helps,
> V.Sadagopan
> >Oh Hounarable and Respectful Bhaktajan, speaking of
> >great acharam, would you expand on such a statement so
> >that Adeyan can follow the same in the highest spirit
> >!!!.
> >
> >Adeyan had been reciting with profound memory "
> >Sudarshan Ashtakam" and found great happiness under
> >the shade of the divya mantram. Oh Bhakta would you
> >let Adeyan know what is this Sudershan Manthram ?
> >*Sriman Narayana*
> >
> >*SriMan Narayana** SriMan Narayana*
> >Adeyan Anand Dasan.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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