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Re: Doubt -reg Norms ....
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 21:31:58 PDT

srImathE rAmAnujAya namah

srI badrinAth wrote -*-

> Dear Sri Bhagawathas,

> I was told that one should not recite any other
> pasurams other than
> Thirupallandu, AmalanAthipiran, Thiruppavai and
> PeriYa/Seriya Thirumadal
> without getting pancha samaskaram done by one's
> Acharyan. Particularly
> Thiruvaimozi, Kanninun Siru ThAmbu, Ramanujar
> Nootrandadi should not be
> recited as they are supposed to be learnt from one's
> Acharyan.


dear srI badrinAth,

There are no rules regarding who are qualified to
recite the hymns praising the Lord and His
bhAgavathAs, of which the nAlAyiram is a great
The only qualification, if any, that is required is a

The beauty of the nAlAyira divya prabhandham is its
ubiquitous availability to ALL people in ALL stages of
life - Unfortunately, some people in the past, and the
present have interpreted/do interpret that to mean
that the nAlayira divya prabhandham is somehow not an
authentic source for proof, or that the nAlAyiram is
somewhat not equal to the sanskrit vEda. As a reaction
to that, many people, (out of their concern or maybe
pressure or lack of exposure to the concepts expressed
in them?) artificially set "qualifications" such as
the one you expressed above. 

Our AchAryAs were very particular in ensuring that the
nAlAyiram was available to everyone irrespective of
caste, creed, age, ability etc..

in fact svAmi ALavandhAr translated many of the key
concepts of the nAlAyira divya prabhandham in his
masterpiece - stOtra ratna (or ALavandhAr stOtram), so
that these beautiful, difficult to understand from the
sanskrit version of the vEda, concepts will available
to the people that do not have a knowledge of tamizh.

AzhvAr emperumAnAr jIyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam,
adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

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