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Swamy Desikan's 733rd Thirunakshathram celebration at Thiruvahindhrapuram and the AbharaNa SamarpaNams by Swamy Swamy Desikan's Pavithra Hastham to Lord DevanAthan and Sri HemAbhjavalli ThAyAr on Sep 28,2001 : Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 18:20:55 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

It is my pleasure to brief you on the status of the Kaimkaryam 
relating to the SamarpaNams of (1) Nava Mani Maalai (2) MummaNi
KOvai and (3) The Central Ruby stone for the RathnAngi for Uthsavar
Lord DevanAthan , whose dhivya MangaLa Vigraham  and dhivya GuNams
were enjoyed  by Swamy Desikan in Sri DeavanAyaka PanchAsath and
Sri Achyutha sathakam in Prakrutham .Through seven other 
Sri Sookthis , Swamy Desikan paid his homage to the dhivya
Dhampathis of ThiruvahIndhrapuram. Two among these are
the Tamil Prabhandhams of  NavamaNi Maalai and MummaNikkOvai .

Supporters of this Kaimkaryam & Funds Raised 
Fourteen BhakthAs and their families with AchArya sambhandham 
to VaanamAmalai Matam , PeriyANDavan Aaasram , Poundrikapuram
AaNDavan Aasramam , Ahobila Matam , Parakaala Matam 
and Vaikunta Vaasi Mukkur/MattapaLLi Lakshmi NarasimhAcchAr 
Swamy have contributed $ 1612 for the three kaimkaryams 
( The list of participants are summarized in the Addendum ). 

>From this base fund , $108 has been used to purchase 
the pradhAna (Key)Ruby stone for the Lord's RathnAngi 
Kaimkaryam to be blessed by Swamy Desikan on 
His 733rd birth day at ThiruvahIndhrapuram .

The remaining funds of $1504 are being used to create 
the Nava MaNi Maalai consisting of the nine traditional 
gems set in a thick gold necklace and the three-string Pearl
necklace with an emerald pathakkam by special gold smiths
at Hyderabad . These AbharaNams are expected to be ready 
for transport to ThiruvahIndhrapuram by my sister Smt. Padma
VeerarAghavan , who is serving as the coordinator on ground
at Chennai/Hyderabad. I forgot to mention in my earlier 
posting that She supervised the ThridhaNDa samarpaNam 
as well at SriperumbhUthUr on September 12 ,2001. 

ThiruvahIndhrapuram SamarpaNam Dates and Sequence
The AbharaNams will be presented by Swamy Desikan on 
Sep 27 ,2001 to the Dhivya Dampathis and they will adorn 
them and  arrive next day to Swamy Desikan ThirumALikai
with them and decorate their dear child , Swamy Desikan with
their new AabharaNams on His 733rd Thirunakshathram to
the accompaniment of MangaLa Vaadhyams and Svasthi
Vachanams . The consecrated ruby stone will be taken back
to Chennai on Sep 28 to initate the RathnAngi construction 

It is anticipated that it will take few more months to complete 
the RathnAngi for the Uthsavar and get it ready for SamarpaNam 
in the year 2002 CE.We will be needing additional funds to 
complete this Major Kaimkaryam . 

Invitation to the BhakthAs to attend the Celebrations
May I request all BhakthAs to have the sevai of 
the Dhivya Dampathis with the new AabharaNams on 
Sep 28 , 2001 during Swamy Desikan's Thirunakshathram
( Purattasi SravaNam )at Thiruvahindhrapuram ? Please take 
some pictures and send it to me for inclusion in 
the Swamy Desikan web sites . Thanks in advance .

Addition & Multiplication of the number 733
In the next posting , adiyEn will comment on the significance
of the 733rd birthday of Swamy Desikan thru an exercise
in permutations and Combinations .

Special Thanks 
Sincere Thanks to every one of the fifteen BhakthAs  , 
who are supporting this kaimkaryam at ThiruvahIndhrapuram 
on Swamy Desikan's Thirunakshathram day.

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari SatakOpan 


Suporters of this Kaimkaryam

1. Sri G.Sundararajan , Indonesia , VaanamAmalai 
   Matam Sishyar : $150

2. Sri. MadhavakkaNNan , PoundarIkapuram AaNDavan 
   Sishyar( Singapore) : $108

3. Sri I.V.K. Chary , Srirangam PeriyANDavan Sihyar  
   (Kuwait): $108

4. Sri Kadambham Deepak , Bangalore : Rupees 100

5. Sri S.Rangarajan , Bangalore : Rupees 500

6. Sri Rajeev Karamchedu, Parakaala Matam Sishyar
   (USA): $50

7. Sri R.Srinivasan and Smt. MalA Srinivasan of USA , 
   In reverential Memory of VaikuntavAsi ,
   MattapaLLI Sri Lakshmi NrusimhAcchAry Swamy of 
   Ahobila Matam : $100

8. Sri RaajA and Smt. Kala SrinivAsan of USA : $51

9. Sri Achutha Raaman Family of Bangalore , ParalAlka 
   Matam Sishyar : Rupees 5000

10. Sri Ilayavalli R.S. Ravi and Smt. Gayathri Ravi 
    of USA , ParakAla matam Sishyaas :$108

11. adiyEn ( on behalf of HH the Prakrutham 
   Jeeyar of Ahobila Matam : $ 1,252

12. Sri VazhutthUr Srikanth of USA: $50

13. Drs. Bharath & Smt. Sumathi Srivathsa of USA : $51

14. Sri K and Smt.Indu SrinivAsan of USA
    (Ahobila Matam ): $50    

TOTAL: $ 1,612 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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