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kannani ninainthaalum sugame - post 8

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 05:06:59 PDT

Dear srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

KaNNani ninainthu, solli, kaNdu, paadi, alaRRi, anisam smariththu kuRai
onRum illadha krishna bhakthaas, - thinking, uttering, seeing, singing,
praising, crying, without gap meditating on that krishna and thereby wanting
nothing except himself - oh, such krishna bhakthaas, let us continue to
enjoy krishna and get that "sugame"

uNNa vaanavar kOnukku aayar oruppaduththa adisil uNdadhum
vaNNa maal varaiyai eduththu mazhai kaaththadhum
maNNai mun padaiththu uNdu, umizhnthu, kadanthu, idanthu, maNantha maayangaL
eNNum thORum en nenju erivaai mezhugu okkum ninRE 
- 5-10-5 nam aazhvaar thiruvaai mozhi

meaning of few words: 
vaanavar kOn- indhran- dhevargaLin arasan - raja- king of dhEvaas
adisil- sweetened rice and milk [paayasam]
varai- malai- hill
erivaai- mouth of fire

meaning of paasuram: My mind [heart] attains the state of wax near the fire,
when I think of  following acts of my lord krishna, which he did so easily
and sportingly,
-	ate in the form of hill, the sweet food offering prepared by the
gOpaas for indhran, the king of dhEvaas  
-	lifted the hill gOvardhanam to save kith and kin from rains
-	created the earth bhoomi dhEvi, swallowed the same in praLaya time,
spit after water receded, lifted it from drowning into the ocean in the form
of great boar, married her the bhoodhEvi

Points: 1. See how aazhvaar puts it across- any normal human being will be
afraid to even touch the offerings being prepared for dhEvaas. Here gOpaas
were preparing food for indhran, the king of dhEvaas. Krishna the supreme
lord consumed it in the hill form, saying it is better to offer to this hill
than that indhran. See the slokam of bhagavatham when he recommends to the
king nandhagopa to offer to gOvardhanam

ava alankruthaa bhukthvantha: svanulipthaa: suvaasasa:!
pradhakshiNam cha kurutha gOvin pranala parvathaan!! 
29th slokam 24th chapter 10th canto of srimadh bhagavatham 

Ethan mama matham thaatha, kryathaam yadhi rOchathE ayam 
gO braahmaNaadhreeNaam mahyam cha dhayithO makha:!! 
30th slokam 24th chapter 10th canto of srimadh bhagavatham
"Krishna says to his father the king nandhagOpa "Oh dear father it is my
belief, my opinion, my commendation, my idea, we offer the food etc to this
hill. This hill provides food for our cows, water for us etc. The hill,
braahmanaas and the cows are more worth worshipping than that indhran". No
more questions or answers. Every body obeyed and offered to gOvardhanam.

2. Here itself his supremacy is established. "When I am here no body else is
worth worshipping by you all. So do not offer to any body". When he
designates any body, a grass, a hill, or even a stone that becomes great is
proved beyond doubt.

3. In naarayaNeeyam there is a beautiful slokam of the same content as
bhagavatha slokam quoted above. Just for the taste of it 

idham thaavath sathyam yadhiha pasavO na: kula Dhanam
thadhaajeevyaayaasou balir achalaBharthrE samuchitha: !
surEBhyO ~ pyuthkrushtaa nanu DhariNa dhEvaa: kshithithalE
thathasthE ~pyaaraadhyaa ithi jagadhitha thvam nijajanaan !! 
4th slokam 62 canto naaraayaNeeyam

meaning: "That cattle form the wealth of our tribe, if, is indeed true, then
these offerings meant for securing adequate supplies of grass and water for
them deserve to be made to the mountain gOvardhanam. On this earth holy men
are more deserving than dhEvaas like indhran"- oh guruvaayoorappa- krishna-
this you said to your clansmen. 

4. Knowing fully well that I will melt like wax near fire, just I can not
stop thinking about you, oh, my krishna, fearing for losing my identity. In
fact, I like to lose "me and mine"- see aazhvar's word appearing in the last
line of paasuram "ninRE"- "eNNum thORum en nenju erivaai mezhugu okkum
ninRE". When wax melts near fire, then this liquid will run into and catch
fire- mix with the main fire - here I will also become unified in you, oh

5.see the third line- "maNNai mun padaiththu uNdu, umizhnthu, kadanthu,
idanthu, maNantha maayangaL"- each of these is worth contemplating for a
long time and elaborating. Oh, what a sugam to think of kaNNan for each word
in this paasuram.

6. "vaNNa maal" - the colourful thirumaal- what colour- 
is it blue? - "neela vaNNa kaNNaa vaadaa nee oru muththam thaadaa" ena
kEtka- to ask oh blue coloured krishna come and give a kiss, 
green - as bhaarathi says "paarkkum idangaL ellaam un pachchai niRam"-
wherever I see, I see your green colour oh nandha laalaa 
grey, like a cloud -  koNdal vaNNanai kOvalanaai veNNai uNda vaayan of
or  is it 
kanaka jitha susareeram of MD- in govardhana gireesam quoted earlier-

what colour- see thirumangai aazhvar has this doubt.

munnai vaNNam paalin vaNNam muzhudhum nilai ninRa
pinnai vaNNam koNdal vaNNam, vaNNam eNNungaal
ponnin vaNNam, maNiyin vaNNam puraiyum thirumEni
inna vaNNam enRu kaateer inthaLoorirE. 
- 4-9-8 thirumangaiyaazhvaar periya thirumozhi

sinthai thannuL munthi niRRir siRidhum thirumEni
indha vaNNam enRu kaatteer inthaLoorirE.
 - 4-9-9 thirumangaiyaazhvaar periya thirumozhi

Since he is sonna vaNNam seidha perumaan- he appears in the colour as
desired by bhakthaas.

Before concluding this post another masterstroke of lines from Sri
subramania bharathi
Kaalinaik kaiyinaal paRRik koNdu naam
Gathi enakku onRu kaatuvai enRittaal
Naalil onRu paliththidum kaaN enbaan
Naamach chollin poruL engu uNarvadhE? 
- kaNNan  en arasan - p 326 bharathi kavithaigal

Dhasan Vasudevan M.G.

PS: The meanings on munnai and kaalinai we will see in next post. I have not
lost track to elaborate on difference in the upside down of govardhanam
description of swami dhesikan which will be taken up in subsequent posts.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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