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"Birth day " celebrations for Lord VenaktEsA , Swamy Desikan and Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar at Sri RanganAtha Temple , Pomona , NY: Sep 29, 2001

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Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 07:24:26 PDT


SrinivAsa ParabrahmaNE Nama:

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

The devotees of Sriman NaarAyaNa joined together
yesterday at Pomona , NY and enjoyed a grand celebration 
of the Thirunakshthrams of the Lord Of Seven Hills ,
Swamy Desikan , an avathAram of His Sacred bell at
ThiruvEnkaDam and one of the greatest Sri VaishNava 
AchAryAs, Sri Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar , who was 
initiated into SanyAsAsramam by none other than
BhagavAn Narasimhan at Ahobila Dhivya Desam some 
Six Hundred plus years. 

ThirukkalyANam for Lord Srinivasa was performed by
devotees in an elaborate and Vedic way by Dr.Venkat
Kanumalla to the utter delight of the assembled devotees.

Thirumanjanam for the archA Moorthys of Lord SrinivAsan ,
Sri DEvi , BhU Devi , Swamy Desikan and Sri Adhi VaNN
SatakOpa Jeeyar were performed earlier .At the end of 
the Thirumanjanam ,alankAram  was performed and TaLikai
was presented to the Lord and His Devis.Prasaadham including
the Madhuparkam used in the ThirukkalyANam were distributed.

All of you , who have visited the Temple for Lord RanganAthA 
are familiar with the Soundharyam (great beauty ) of 
the uthsavar (processional deity) and the Moolavar ArchA 
Vigrahams of Lords SrinivAsA , Lakshmi Nrusimhan , 
Lakshmi HayagrIvan, Raamachandran and His Family , 
KrishNa ParamAthmA ,Sri RanganAyaki , Sri ANDAL and 
Garuda BhagavAn as well as the  12 AzhwArs , AchArya RaamAnujA , 
Swamy Desikan , Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar 
and HH the 44th Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt, the Founder of this 
magnificent temple on the Banks of Hudson River in 
the shade of the Taconic Mountains . AdiyEn invites those 
who have not yet visited this temple to come and have 
the darsana SoubhAgyam of the Dhivya mangaLa Moorthys of 
this magnificent house of worship for all AasthikAs 
and Bhaktha Kotis.

After alankAram and TaLikai SamarpaNam , Sri VenaktEsa 
AshtOtthara Satha Naama Archanai was done with the participation
of assembled devotees . The halls of the temple reverberated
gloriously to the MangaLa Naadham of the Lord's sacred names.
This is the first time that collective worship (Archanai)
with particpation in repeatign the name of the Lord 
has been done at this temple . We hope to do more such
archanais and offer worship with the participation of 
the devotees on such occasions . 

Next , Sri VenkatEsa Sahasra Naama Archanai was done in 
a MaanasIka manner by adiyEn and it was followed by recitation of 
Selected sthOthrams of Swamy Desikan by the Ghoshti of Men 
and Ladies : Sri HayagrIva SthOthram, Sri DasAvathAra SthOthram , 
Sri SudarsanAshtakam and Sri Gopala Vimsathi . 

AdiyEn recited thereafter the 108 slOkams of DayA sathakam specially
composed by Swamy Desikan for the DayA Devi of Lord SrinivAsan 
at Thirumalai. AdiyEn also recited the First and the Last slOkams
of the 32 chapters of Swamy Desikan's Sri RanganAtha PadhukA
Shasram , which he composed in one Yaamam at Srirangam 
to offfer His salutaions to Swamy NammAzhwAr , who is 
the Lord's Paadhukais . It took Swamy Desikan less than 
three hours to compose the 1008 slOkams of this magnificent
SthOthra Grantham/Kaavyam . It takes us more than 6 hours 
just to  recite it. Inview of the shortness time , the Beginning
and the end slOkams of the 32 chapters alone were recited by

ThirukkalyANa Uthsavam for Lord SrinivAsan followed and
every devotee had the Bhaagyam to witness this auspicious
Vedic Ceremony of KanyA DhAnam of Sri PadmAvathi ThAyaar 
by AakAsa Raajan . Special gold Yajn~Opaveetham , Silk
Vasthrams and fragrant flower garlands were presented to
the Dhivya Dampathis on this occasion by Their children.

This magnificent temple conducting SampradhAyic AarAdhanam
in a manner prescribed by AagamAs  as at Srirangam Temple 
needs your help to sustain these activities for Loka KshEmam
and Bhagavath anugraham for ALL BhakthAs . Please support 
this temple , which reminds one of the ancient adage :
"Sarvam VishNu-mayam idham Jagath /BhuvanAni VishNu:" . 
Please contact Sri K.RaghunAthan, the Chairman of the Temple
Board or Srimathi Nagu Satyan, the secretary of the Temple Board
for ways in which you and your family members can support
the invaluable activities of Lord RanganAthA's Temple at
Pomona , NY. Thier e-mail addresses are included in the front
portion of this posting.

Few days ago ,This temple with the leadership of Dr.Venkat 
Kanumalla ,the chief Priest of the temple conducted special 
prayers at this temple for the victims of the recent tragic 
events at the World Trade Center New York . Few hundred bhakthAs
particpated in this special event . Last week , Dr.Kanumalla
took part in a similar event at Los Angeles sponsored by
the NAMA Chapter of LA . During the occasion , the Vedic
Wedding of SeethA and Raamachandra with explanations of 
the sacred rites of the Vedic Wedding along with Satya NaarAyaNa 
Pooja was performed . In these times of uncertainity and
national crisis , it is reassuring to gain one's peace of
mind by participating in such sacred events , where we 
offer our worship to our AchAryAs and Dhivya Dampathis 
and participate in auspicious events like the Wedding
(KalyANam) for the Parents of the Universe.

SeethA-Raama KalyANam and Sri Sathya NaarAyana Pooja 
are being organized by the Colorado Chapter of NAMA Inc.
on October 6 and 7 . For more details on this event and
your particpation , please contact one of the following 
organizers thru phone or e-mail addresses cited above:

1. Smt. Nagu and Sri B.G.Satyan (303) 973-4847
2. Smt. Madhuri and Sri Mohan sagar (303) 696-1359
3. Smt.Sudha and Sri C.S.Ramesh (719) 282-6659
4. Smt. Sunanda and Sri Krishna Komanduri (303) 680-9187

The AchArya Thirunakshathram celebrations across this 
Country ( Sep1-2 at Washington D.C area , Buffalo, NY on
Sep 28 and Pomona , NY on Sep 29) and overseas (Singapore ,
Bahrain ) and the one planned for Oct 27-28 at Denver, Colorado
are harbingers of bringing all the followers of the teachings
of AchArya RaamAnujA and our AchArya paramparai eastablished by
Bhagavath RaamAnujA for the welfare (Kshemam) of this Universe .
DolOthsavam for NavanItha KrishNan is perforemd at your
homes and communities by Sri Matam SishyALs. Please 
contact Srimans P.Dileepan or Sri Raghavan Rajaji at
the above e-mail addresses . 

May this Nation and the World settle back to normalcy
and May the all compassionate dhivya Dampahtis bless 
every one with peace of mind and KshEmam!  

Akhila Bhuvana JanmasTEmabhangAdhileelE 
vinatha vividha bhUthavrAtharakshaika DhIkshE
Bhavathu mama Parasmin sEmushi BhakthiroopA 

--DhyAana SlOkam of Sri BhAshyam of AchArya RaamAnujA 

Sri RanganAtha Para BrahmaNE Nama:
DaasOham , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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