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Swamy Desikan's ChillaRai RahasyankaL Series to appear on MalOlan net from October 1, 2001

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 19:46:07 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

After the SamarpaNam of NavamaNi Maalai and
MummaNikkOvai to the dhivya Dampathis from 
Swamy Desikan's Hands on September 28 ( PurattAsi
SravaNam day ) in preparation for the Major Kaimkaryam 
of construction and samarpaNam of RathnAngi for 
Uthsavar DevanAthan of ThiruvahIndhrapuram , adiyEn is 
ready now to start the series on Swamy Desikan's 
marvellous chillaRai RahsyangaL. May Swamy Desikan's 
and asmath AchAryan's anugraham be with adiyEn 
to make progress on this Mamooth task. 

adiyEn is "seelamillA siRiyOn and SiRiya Jn~atthan ". 
Despite of these two glaring deficencies , adiyEn 
has been inspired to perform this kaimkaryam 
to the VaishNavA Community out of desire to share 
the qyuintessence of Swamy Desikan's extraordinary 
Sri Sookthis . Hopefully , these postings will enhance 
your interest later to learn about them in the time honored 
way of KaalkshEpam under the sacred feet of a SadhAchAryan .  

These ChillaRai Rahasyams deal with esoteric
aspects of our sacred manthrams and Tattvams ; these
postings may not hence be of interest to the general reader.
Further , these granthams as indicated earlier are normally 
learnt via KaalkshEpam Routes under a sacred and qualified 
AchAryan's Thiruvadi . 

MahAns like SriVaikunta Vaasi U.Ve.Oppiliappan Koil 
V.N. Srirama DesikachAriyAr (VNS) Swamy recognized 
that these rare Sri Sookthis of Swamy Desikan 
will increasingly be out of the reach of most of us 
in the modern times,when very few devotees have 
the time or interest or background to acquire
this knowledge about our sampradhAyam via the traditonal 
KaalkshEpam route.Hence , Sri VNS Swamy out of his compassion
for us undertook the enormous work of examining palm leaf
manuscripts of the original works and the private notes on them 
and in co-operartion with giant SriVaishNavite scholars of his
time like Sri Vaikunta Vaasis , Sri GhOsthipuram Swamy ,
Sri PutthankOttam Swamy and Sri MadhurAnthakam VeerarAghavaachAr 
Swamy released the first-ever commentary on ChillaRai 
RahasyangaL .Prakrutham HH PouNDarIkapuram SrimadhANDavan 
out of His Daya has published the ChillaRai RahasyangaL 
over the past few years. His intention is for the growth of
Aathma-Jn~Anam for the Sri VaishNavAs and adaptation of life as 
ParamaikAnthis and PrapannAs performing Kaimkaryams to 
the Dhivya Dampathis, AchAryAs and BhAgavathAs.

The First Part of Swamy Desikan's ChillaRai RahasyangaL
are 17 in number and are known as Amrutha Ranjani RahasyangaL.
One of them known as Saara Dheepam is no longer available.
The title of Amrutha Ranjani denotes that these RahasyangaL 
are delectable like Amrutham (Nectar). 

The Sixteen Amrutha Ranjani Rahasyangals are:

1.Sri SampradhAya Parisuddhi
2.Tatthva Padhavee
3.Rahasya Padhavee
4.Tatthva Navaneetham
5.Rahasya Navaneetham
6.Tathtva Maathrukai
7.Rahasya Maathrukai
8.Tatthva SandhEsam
9.Rahasya SandhEsam
10.Rahasya sandhEsa VivaraNam
11.Tathva RathnAvaLi
12.Tatthva RathnAvaLi-PrathipAdhya Sangraham
13.Rahsya RathnAvaLi
14.Rahasya RathnAvaLi Hrudhayam
15.Tathtva Thraya SuLakam
16.Rahasya Thraya SuLakam

We have to remember and thank with utter gratitude 
Oppiliappan Koil Sri VNS Swamy for writing these commentaries
for the FIRST TIME for the above Sixteen RahasyangaL 
since Swamy Desikan blessed us with them out of His 
Sishya Vaathsalyam in the 14th Century . Six Hundred 
and three years had gone by since Swamy Desikan
ascended to Parama Padham in 1369 C.E., when Sri VNS
Swamy's commentaries were released .No other AchAryan
or VidvAn had commented on them during these 603 years.

The commentaries for the Second Part of ChillaRai RahasyangaL 
were completed and released by Sri VNS Swamy of Oppilappan Sannidhi
in the year 1980 C.E.  These are four Chillarai RahasyangaL 
known as Amrutha SvAdini RahasyangaL:

1. Saara Saaram
2. Abhaya pradhAna Saaram
3. Rahasya SikhAmaNi
4. Anjali Vaibhavam

Two RahasyangaL known as Tatthva SikhAmaNi 
and Madhura Kavi Hrudhayam have disappeared 
(luptham) now due to our misfortune.

The third part of ChillaRai RahasyangaL were
released by HH Prakrutham PoundarIkapuram 
Andavan in 1995 for the first time . Sri VNS
Swamy was in his eighties , when he completed
the hand written manuscript . HH Prakrutham
Poundarikapuram Andavan obtained this manuscript
from Sri VNS Samy's son , Sri U.Ve. V.N.Gopala
Desikan of Oppiliappan Sannidhi and facilitated
the release of the Third volume consisting of 
the follwing Seven ChillaRai RahasyanGaL:

1. PrahdAna Sathakam
2. UpakAra Sangraham
3. Saara Sangraham
4. VirOdha ParihAram
5. Muni Vaahana BhOgam
6. Sri hasthigiri MahAthmyam
7. Parama Padha SopAnam

There are thus 27 ChillaRai RahasyangaL that focus 
on Sri VaishNava TatthvangaL and RahasyangaL beyond
the extensive coverage of these by Swamy Desikan's 
Magnum Opus , Srimath Rahasya Thraya Saaram .When includes
Para matha Bhangam to the list of the above 27 ChillaRai
Rahasyangal and factor in the 4 ChillaRai rahasyangal,
which are no longer available to us, the total number
of these rahasyangaLs becomes THIRTY TWO.

AdiyEn has already posted articles on PradhAna 
Sathakam , Anjali Vaibhavam and Rahasya SikhAmaNi(?)
and parts of Parama Padha SopAnam in the SaraNAgathi Journal 
issues ( )or in the Bhakthi
List archives.

Adiyen will start with SampradhAya Parisuddhi first 
and continue with the rest of the ChillaRai RahasyangaLs
that have not been covered sofar in THE SARANAGATHI JOURNAL.

Those of you , who are not on the mailing list of 
Saranagathi Journal are requested to contact 
the Publisher of the Saranagathi Journal 
( for access to the past and
future postings of ChillaRai RahasyangaL . AdiyEn thanks 
Sriman Venkatesh Elayavalli , the Web Master for the Journal
in advance for his help in archiving them at
the SaraNagathi web site that he has constructed 
with high esthetics and affection.

adiyEn invites your indulgence for any mistakes that
I may be making as I commence this task based on
the insightful commentaries of Sri Vaikunta Vaasi
from my village of Oppilaippan Koil, Sri V.N. Srirama
DesikAcchAr Swamy .adiyEn seeks his blessings as
well a sthe dhivya dampathis of ThiruviNNagar .

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppilappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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