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Purattasi sravanam celebrations in Bahrain

From: venkat.R (
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 02:06:54 PDT

Srimathe ramanujaya namaha
Srimathe nigamantha maha desikaya namaha

Dear bhagavathas,

namo narayana. adiyen dasan venkat from Bahrain.

adiyen is pleased inform all of you that Swami desikan and
Thiruvengadamudaiyan's thirunakshatram celebration held at 
Bahrain on 28th Sep went on very well.What follows is a small
write up of this joyous occasion.

Yesterday was fourth anniversary for our desikan club.Sri Sudarshan 
Sri IVK Chary swamin were the co founders of this satsangh and
with the blessings of sriya:pathi and Swamy desika this satsangh
has grown over the years.Now both of them have moved to Kuwait,
and the swami desikan satsangh has been just started over there too.

We are indeed blessed to have Sri Sudarshan and Sri Chary swamin
(Co founders)along with other bhagavathas from Kuwait for our 
thirunakshatram celebrations.Sri IVK Chary swami was leading the 
veda parayana goshti and Sri Sudarshan's melodious rendering of 
Swami desika's stotras was a treat to ears.His recitation of 
Dasavathara stotram is still ringing in adiyen's ears.

We were also fortunate to have Sri U.Ve Velukkudi Krishnan swamin
with us on this day.Swami has attended the goshti right from
begining, performed thiruvaradhanam and gave a wonderful
short upanyasam on Swami desika's Nyasa dasakam.

The programme started at 9AM with the recitation of SIkshavalli
follwed by divya prabandham(nityanusandhanam,Selected verses from
Thiruvaymozhi(Ozhivil kalamellam,Ulagam uNda peruvaya)and Uneru
selvaththu of Sri Kulasekara Azhvar).

On Desika stotras we have recited Hayagreeva stotram,Bhagavad
dyana sopanam,Daya sathakam,Dasavathara stotram,Sri stuthi
Sudarshanashtakam and Nyasa dasakam.

On Desika prabandham we have recited Adaikkallappathtu,prabandha
saram and Pillai andhadhi.

The SaRRu murai of the day was elaborate one with upanishad
passages,Sri Bhashyam,Gita bhashyam,Srimad Rahasya traya saram
Bhagavad Vishayam,Vishnu puranam,Sri Ramayanam,Srimad Bhagavad gita
etc..This was followed by Prabandha sarrumurai consisting of
Thiruppavai,Peria thirumozhi,Thirunedunthandakam,Thiruvaymozhi
Ramanuja noorandhadhi,Adaikkalappathu,Prabandha saram,Adhikara
sangraham and Pillai andhadhi and concluded with Sarva desa
dasa kaale..

We then had Perumal and Acharya sambhavana and it was decided to 
donate the day's sambavana for Thuppul Mani Mandapam kaimkaryam.
Sri Velukkudi swamy announced that it is only the first installment
and requested all the bhagavathas to participate in this kaimkaryam.

Then Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swamy gave a short upanyasam on
Nyasa dasakam explaining the basic tenents of Nyasa vidhya
briefly.His Presentation of the concept,choice of words and
simplicity etc are real wonder to watch.Swami will be in town
for a week or so and he will be talking on Divya prabandham and
Srimad Bhagavad gita in the coming days.It is a History that 
a well known Srivaishnava Upanyasakar is visiting this part of the

Shortly adiyen will be uploading some images taken during our
thirunakshatram celebrations in the files section of this egroup.

Dear bhagavathas, most of you might have celebrated this important
day in your town and please share with us your experiences for
the pleasure of our reading.

Thanks for your patient reading of this poorly written note.


adiyen ramanuja dasan,


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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