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Re: Divya Desam @ Nepal

From: desikan av (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 22:50:29 PDT

Respected Sri Raman,

Adiyen went to Salagram in Nepal in June 2001.

There are two  ways to reach Salagram

I .  By bus / By Air
     Arranged tour
>From Delhi you can reach kathmandu by road .
from Kathmandu you can rech Salagram by Helicopter.  The Helicopter are
arranged by tour organisers.  This will take about 40 - 50 minutes .
The total cost from DElhi to Salagram and back will be about Rs 20,000/-
per head.Apart from Salagram the trip includes Ayodhya , naimisharanyam
also.  In this arrnged tour food will not be a problem.

II.  you can also go to Salagram on your own

1.  From Delhi you can go to Sunoli in India - Nepal Border via
Gorakhpur, either by train upto Gorakhpur or by bus to Sunoli directly.
>From Sunoli you have to cross the border by walk or by rickshaw.  Then
you can take a bus to Pokhara which cost around Rs 150/- nepali rupees.
This journey  takes around 9 hours.  

2.  From Pokhara you can go by air to Jomsom.  This takes around 20
minutes and costs USD 25  (INR Rs 1200/-approx).Please go by Shangrila
Air and not by Royal Nepal Airlines.  From Jomsom Muktinath(Salagram) is
around 22km, which you have to trek.  THis trekking depends on how old
or young you are.  I took around 9 - 10 hours , slowly looking for
salagrm in the river kandaki.  If you trek in a hurry, may be you can
cover the distance in about 7 hours or so.

3.  From Pokhara you can go by bus to a place known as Beni which takes
5 hrs by bus and from there you can trek to Salagram.  But this trekking
takes around 5 - 6 days.  Since i have not tried this route i have no
comments to make.

In Salagram, apart from Muktinath temple you have the following places:-

a)  Jwalamukhi
b) Narasimhan Kovil  
c) you can hear the river Saraswati flowing under the earth.  (I dont
know how Saraswati came here, but the panditji there told me that she
descended earth thru this place).
d) 108 dhara in the temple
>From Muktinath Damodar kund is around 2 days trekking ,  but there are
no food available on the way. I did not go to Damadar kund as i was
without company. 

If you go on your own, food will be a problem  right from Jom som till
you reach salagram. But you have one big advantage, you can enjoy
nature, and you can look for salagram in river kandaki.  Or else you buy
salagram from the shops enroute.  

Best season is during March- April

Please avoid rainy season from June - July. i went to Salagram in June
end during rainy season but was fortunate, as it didnt rain while

When you are in Nepal you can also visit Janakpur.

In case you need further information please feel free to send a mail 

With regards

A Varada Desikan
On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 00:06:25 -0700 (PDT)
 Aravind Raman <> wrote:
> Jai Sriman Narayana:
> Has any bhakta visited Salagramam Divya Desam in
> Nepal?
> If yes, could you please share your experiences as
> well as the best way to reach there?
> adiyaen rAmAnuja dAsan
> Aravind Raman
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