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From: raghu M (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 15:04:13 PST

With the Divine Mangalasasanams of H.H. Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana 
Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,

cordially invites you for 'DIVYAPRABANDHOTSAVAM'

Date: Thursday-23rd  to Saturday 25th November 2000

Time: 8.00AM to 12.00Noon, 3.00 to 8.00 P.M.

Venue:  Sri Siva Vishnu Temple Auditorium, Washington DC.

Program Coordinator:
Smt.Vasanti and Sri. Ravi Aharam
Address:4228 Scarlet sage court, Ellicott city, MD Zip 21042-5955.
Phone: 410 992 8616.
E mail:


08.00 AM   Tiruppallandu, Periyalwar Tirumozi of Sri.Periyalwar.
11.00 AM   Tiruppavai, Nachiyar Tirumozi of Sri.Andal.
12:30 PM   Tatiyaradhana (Lunch)
03.00 PM   Perumal Tirumozi, of Sri. Kulasekara Alwar.
03.30 PM   Tiruchanda viruttam of Sri. Tirumalisai Alwar.
04.00 PM.  Tirumalai & Tiruppalliyeluchi of Sri  Tondaradippodi Alwar.
05.00 PM.  Amalanadhipiran  of Sri  Tiruppanalwar.
05.30 PM   Kanninun sirutambu  of Sri  Madhurakavi Alwar.
06.00 PM   Periya Tirumozi  (upto 4th Chapter) of Sri Tirumangai Alwar.
08.00 PM   Harathi/Sathumurai thirtha prasada goshti

08.00 AM    Periya Thirumazi (continued)
12.30 PM    Periya Thirumazi Sathumurai, Tatiyaradhana
03.00 PM    Eyarppa:  Tiruvandadigal of Poigai, Bhootam and Peyalwar,
            Nanmugan Tiruvandadi of Tirumazisai, Tiruviruttam,
            Tiruvasiriyam, Periya
           Tiruvandadi  .
06.00 PM    Tiruvelukkuttirukkai, Siriya & Periya Tirumadal
            of Sri Parakalan
08.00 PM    Harathi/Sathumurai thirtha prasada goshti

08.00 AM     Tiruvaimozi of  Sri Nammalwar upto 6th chapter
12.30 PM     Ulagamunda Peruvaya Sathumurai, Tatiyaradhana
03.00 PM     Tiruvaimzi (continued)
05.00 PM     Sri Ramanuja Nuttandadi of Sri Tiruvarangattamudanar
06.00 PM     Desika Prabandham of Sri Swami Desikan
07.30 PM     Upadesaratnamalai,Tiruvaimozi nuttandadi of
             Sri Manavalamamunigal
08.30 PM     Sattumurai, Teerthaprasada goshtti. - Conclusion ceremony.

Chanting of Divyaprabandham the great devotional pasurams of Alwars and 
Andal will not only please the Lord Srimannarayana but also get rid of all 
the sins committed by us, gives us a lot of boons and blessings as assured 
by Alwars themselves and improve the sanctity and divinity among the 
devotees. Even though it is in Tamil, Divyaprabandhams are the essence of 
"Four Vedas" and is called as "Dravida Vedam".  All devotees irrespective of 
caste and creed have the right to learn, chant, experience and enjoy the 
glory of Divyaprabandham.

All Srivaishnava Acharyas, and Sri Kanchi Paramacharya have enlightened and 
hence  prescribed the chanting of Divyaprabandham as very holy and important 
for all human beings. Many western scholars have found it a great divine 
text and are reading and experiencing the divinity in them.

All devotees are welcome and are requested to participate in the chanting 
and make the holy event a grand and memorable one in their time of living in 
America. There will be an exhibition on Alwars, Andal, Divyaprabandham, 
Divyadesams, and Acharyas. Please bring your children without fail to 
explore the possibilities of better understanding on our Vedic heritage, 
tradition, and culture.

Please note: There are 28 divyaprabandhas and therefore 28 types of 
prasadams will be offered at the beginning of each prabandam and distributed 
to devotees. At the beginning of each prabandham there will be a briefing 
about the prabandham. Devotees can sponsor the prabandham/ prasadams and or 
booth. For details of prasadams, and registration of names for participation 
and or sponsorship, please call the following co-coordinators in your area 
and register your name. Check/draft should be in favor of JET U.S.A. Inc. 
and contributions are eligible for tax exemption.

Sponsors may mail their checks to
Smt.Vasanti and Sri. Ravi Aharam, the program coordinator.
4228 Scarlet sage court, Ellicott city, MD Zip 21042-5955.
Phone: 410 9928616.
E mail:

Email Address:

Sriman Mudumbai Raghu, 847 372 4441
Sriman Mohan Sagar/Varadhan, 303 696 1359.
Smt. Lakshmi New York.718 460 4851
Sri Ramanuja Mission,  New Jersey

"Vikasa Tarangini" is the service wing of Jeeyar Educational Trust, inspired 
by H. H. Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji 
of Sitanagaram, A.P., with the motto -"Serve all beings as service to God". 
Accordingly, we serve for the needy at all times with the spirituality. We 
invite all of you to become the member of the Vikasa Tarangini and let us 
worship Lord through our humble service to all creatures.


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