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GodhA Sookthi SudhAsvaadham : The Monograph by Sri U.Ve.PerukkAranai Swamy

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 15:19:01 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

The latest issue of Nrusimha PriyA ( Iypaasi Month
Issue ) has a write-up on the above book  , 
which was released to the general public on October 11 
at Chennai in a sadas of Sri VaishNavite Scholars.
Some twenty bhakthAs from USA in addition to
BhkthAs from India have contributed 
funds to help with the printing and release of 
this outstanding monograph . AdiyEn thanks the twenty
who responded to my appeal to join in this rare kaimkaryam. 

Sriman S.V.S.Raghavan , a prominent industrialist 
and Head of Sri Vaishnava Research center , who 
participated in the ThiruppAvai Book Release function 
at Chennai posted the following  commendation of 
the kaimkaryam done by the author of this monograph .

Translation of Sri S.V.S.Raghavan's posting 
" There are many precious commentaries for 
ThiruppAvai. The AaasthAna VidvAn of Sri Matam ,
Saaraj~na SirOmaNi , PerukkAraNai ChakravarthyAchAr
Swamy has blessed us with a commentary of commentaries 
entitled , GodhA Sookthi SudhAsvAdham .

This is a commentary is insatiable even if one reads it 
again and again (Padikka Padikka tevittAtha Urai).
It will be a great help to the VidvAns , who give 
ThiruppAvai UpanyAsams.It has been written in chaste 
Tamil for the benefit of those , who may not be
familiar with Sanskrit. This MahAn has included many
rare meanings that has not been covered so far in
his monograph.The svaapadesams have been covered 
in beautiful prose in  an exquisite  manner that 
has not been accompished sofar. There is no doubt
whatsoever in my Mind that Mahaa Lakshmi will dance 
with joy in every house that has this monograph .

This book has 608 pages and has been priced at 
Rs 150 per copy . Postal charges in India is 
additional 50 Rupees .

This book can be obtained at the following address:

Sri P.M. ChakravarthyAcchAr 
"Sri Desika Bhavanam "
39 VenkatEsa AgrahAram
Mylapore , Chennai , India 600004 "

(Signed : S.V.S.Raghavan).

Additional observations by V.SatakOpan

adiyEn's sincere thanks to every one of the 20 BhakthAs , 
who responded to my appeal to take part in this 
Kaimkaryam . We are very fortunate to join in this 
once-in-a-lifetime kaimkaryam with other AasthikAs .
The Vibhavam of Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr
is limitless.  

Sri U.Ve.PerukkAranai Swamy has set aside 
25 books for distribution to our group .
AdiyEn understands that four of you have already
received the book in India . Plans are being
made to send the rest of the books by sea mail .
Air Mail costs too much . My sister has sent an
advanced copy by airmail .AdiyEn looks forward 
to translate this book into English chapter by
chapter as requested by number of BhakthAs
and approved by Swamy. It will be adiyEn's BhAgyam.

ThiruppAvai Muppathum SeppinAL VaazhiyE !
Daasan , V.SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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