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krishna- how you entered my mind- 2

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 03:36:38 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Selvan naaraNan enRa sol kEttalum malgum kaN pani- 1-10-8 nammaazhvar in his
thiruvaaimozhi- slight rearrangement of words to get prose order and direct
meaning- Selvan naaraNan enRa sol kEttalum kaN pani malgum - once the word
naaraayaNan is uttered by the mouth, the ears pick up that and eyes start
reacting by dewing- oh krishna- that word -oh!- has so much power to make
eyes dew.

See there are 7 actions and reactions in this process-
-	mind dwells on that naaraayaNa dhivya naamam
-	mind directs to mouth to utter that naamam loudly
-	mouth utters that naamam loudly
-	ears pick up that naamam sound
-	sends back to mind to dwell and enjoy 
-	mind asks the eyes to react
-	eyes react by shedding tears.
So such a long process is done so fast that Selvan naaraNan enRa sol
kEttalum malgum kaN pani- as soon as kEttalum- on hearing- eyes dew.

Then, is it a simple "sol"- word- no- just for simplicity sake aazhvaar said
that naamam as "sol". Oh krishna! It is your name- naamam- "vaadinEn vaadi
varunthinEn manaththaal-uNarvu ennum perum padham therinthu-- naadinEn naadi
naan kaNdu koNda naamam" allavaa adhu- thirumangai azhvaar 1-1-1. Such a
naamam, suddenly can it become a sol- definitely no- suffered and suffered
repeatedly -both physically and mentally and then found that dhivya naamam.

[Oh bhakthaas- please recollect kaaRRinilE varum geetham- kaNgaL paniththida
pongum geetham-  quoted in part 1- now link and see- author of that song
kalki perhaps taken clue from this verse and wrote that beautiful song.]

Oh krishna! I was dwelling on that magnificient naamam [is it one or 1008]
whenever possible and wherever I was, in my mind- eNNalaam pOdhE un naamam
ellaam eNNinEn- 4-10-6 periyazhvar- Is that forced you to come and sit in my
mind- may be - yes - but please tell me by what route- Eppadiththaan en
uLLam pugunthu ennai adimai koNdeerO swami?

Oh krishna! Now I must thank you doubly for you did not come alone- singly-
you came along with my mother- aravaththamaLiyinOdum azhagiya parkadalOdum
aravinthap paavaiyum thaanum agampadi vanthu pugunthu - 5-2-10-
periyaazhvar- you came with that beautiful lotus lady, along with your snake
bed, and that supporting milk ocean- now I wonder how you made all these big
things so tiny, so that they are accommodated in my mind- agampadi vanthu
pugunthu- or is it that when you are coming, you made my mind also so big,
enough to contain all these- wonderful- now- I realise it is possible for
you- you made it- please tell me that route only. 

I will not leave you so easily- until you clear my doubt- for I can not
conclude which way so easily - en mudivu kaaNaathE ennul kalanthaanai sol
mudivu kaaNEn naan solluvathu en? 2-5-8 nammaazhvar- I can not find an end
to my words or doubts- what I can say on this- so how I could conclude-
krishna, please tell me.

One thing is certain - oh krishna- you are- iniyoru ulagam u(n)naith thavira
enakkoru sugam ilai enath thanthavaa- OVS Swami- You gave me yourself so
that there is no other world for me, no other comfort for me - you are such
a person. Please tell me- Is it though the ears that you entered?

"Nee en seviyin vazhi pugunthu  ennuLLaai" - 75 periya thiruvanthaathi-
nammaazhvar- Guru discovered the route and now proclaims- you entered
through the ears and stays in me, Oh krishna! Then it must be true, - for he
knows you and your ways. 

Oh bhakthaas, guru can find, guide me and convince me on the route how the
Lord entered in me. So he tells me now.

[Thanks to Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swamy for providing me the above quote. I
just kept this for inclusion in next part because of length of first part.
Meanwhile he gave this. Many thanks again for the more important "rukmiNi
sandhEsam quote' following in the write up now] 
After entering "Oru idam onRu inRi ennuL kalanthaan"- 2-5-2 nammazhvar in
thiruvaaimozhi - he entered into me and mixed with me in every part of me
without leaving any part wherein he is not there.

Muzhu Ezhulagum uNdaan uganthu vanthu adiyEnuL pugunthaan agalvaanum allan
ini- 2-6-7 nammazhvar in thiruvaaimozhi- That person who ate all the seven
worlds came with pleasure and entered into me and started residing there, he
said "I am not going to leave you hereafter". 

Hey, you came into me with pleasure- uganthu vanthu- so what else is sugam
for me- comfort- that I want- oh krishna! It is mutual pleasure now- I enjoy
your coming into me- you enjoy coming into me and mixing in me.

"Mother rukmani also whispers to me in the ears- hey - this is the route he
entered into me also"- may be this is your usual route- 
Rukmini uvaacha! Sruthvaa guNaan Bhuvana sundharaa! SruNvathaam thE nirvisya
karNa vivarair haratha: ~ anga thaapam! Roopam dhrusaam dhrusimathaam
akhilaartha laaBham thvayi achyuthaa aavisathi chiththam apathrapam mE!
Srimadh bhaagavatham- dhasama skandham - uththaraardha - chapter 51- slokam
37- chapter title rukmini sandhEsam

Since she has not seen you earlier and heard about you and your beauty, she
addressed you as "Bhuvana sundaraa!". So it is clear you entered into my
mother's mind through the ears only.  May be you took similar route into me

But hereafter I am not going to leave you, ippOdhu en nejinuL pugunthaayai
pOgavottEn- now that you have entered into me, I wont leave you to go- thriu
mangai aazhvaar- 7-3-8.

Oh bhakthaas - don't leave him to go out. Enjoy his presence in you,


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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