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Periya Thirumozhi 11.3- Come; Let us dance singing His Divine Names!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 01:14:35 PST

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the last ten ParakalanAyaki (ThirumangaiAzhwAr taking nAyikA bhAvam), now 
expresses her happiness in such an urgent tvarai (intense longing) to reach 
Him and unite with Him. At least I am blessed to have this desire to attain 
Him- says AzhwAr joyously, languishing for Him, with viraha thApam.

1. In mahabharathayuddham (KurukshEthra battlefield) with the dense 
population of kings and warriors on the field, He drove the chariot of 
Arjunan; He also had Mahabhali captive; He had reached lankA surrounded by 
wavy oceans and destroyed the city; - Having desired for such Greatest 
Emperumaan, I am blessed to have lost my fair wheatish complexion of my body 
and the bangles from my wrist. See!

2. Oh friend (who is affectinate towards me like my mother) Swami- My 
master- Seshi is always in my heart. He is the PuNdareekaakshan (red lotus 
eyed Lord), who had krupai on elephant GajEndran. He has huge strong 
shoulders. He is Chief of everyone and the Primordial Chief. Singing His 
divine names and dancing to that song, my breasts have regained their 
original beauty without any more grievances.

3. Oh my dear friend! I know this most merciful mahaanubhaavan. He is the 
One who had taught Vedas to Chathu mukha brahmA (four faced brahmA). He 
once, entered into my heart, and desired for my golden bangles alone, taken 
away the same and left my heart. What has He got in His mind? I don’t know.

4. The Lord, who reclines in the most fragrant Thirukkudanthai Divya Desam; 
the One who as a small Kutti KaNNan, walked with small steps, relished 
stealing and eating the fragrant tasty butter- will it be right to utter 
that “we don’t know that such Greatest sweetest Emperumaan”. (Certainly not)

5. SarvEshwaran, the most merciful One, Parama dhayaaLu, Parama krupaaLu- 
makes the devotees (who pay their obeisance to Him always) equal to Him 
(meaning at SrivaikuNtam, taking the same suddha sathva form and enjoy Him, 
from nearby; keeping them in His lOkam- Paramapadham- Nithya vibUthi- 
saalOkyam; saaroopyam and saameepyam). Hence, we have also paid our 
obeisance to Him, holding on to Him with an unflinching faith, placing Him 
in our hearts.

6. When he grew huge and raised His leg to measure the skies, Devas 
(including BrahmA) grabbed the opportunity to enjoy paying their obeisance 
to most wondrous act of Emperumaan, by folding their hands like a lotus 
flower bud. Such Greatest most wonderful Emperumaan- Lord KaNNan (the One 
who gives me immense happiness always)- Bhagawathas have Him in their 
hearts. They are blessed to obtain divine happiness to the fullest extent.

7. In spite of KaNNan residing in my heart, my bangles still fall off; I do 
not know and why does it happen? We protected our feminity quite well, I 
think. When such is the case, will we go singing his Divine names at all 
Divya Desams, where He resides? (Sure we will. That is the reason for our 
being born is the meaning )

8. pAdOmE! Enthai perumAnaip* paadi ninRu/
AdOmE? Aayiram pErAnaip* pEr ninaindhu/
choodOmE? Soodum thuzhaayalangaL* soodi naam/
koodOmE? Koodak kuRippaagil nan nenjE!

Oh my friendly mind! Will we not sing the glories of our sarvEshwaran? 
Singing His thousand divine names, to the full satisfaction of our mouths, 
will we not dance? Contemplating on His greatest divine names, won’t we 
adorn our heads with the most fragrant thuLasi garland that He has worn? And 
if we have that thought alone, will we (who have the desire to unite with 
Him) not unite with Him? (Definitely we will.)

9. my friendly mind! We have paid our obeisance to the Emperumaan of 
Thiruvaali, who is our Swami- our SarvEshwaran. Thus, we are blessed with: 
by adorning the Lotus Feet of SarvEshwaran (with most fragrant flowers), who 
is of the dark cloud colour therby resulting in the removal of our 
incorrigible sins that have accumulated in huge quantum from time 

10. This ten pAsurams as a garland in tamil, composed by Kaliyan, who is 
blessed to sing such great ten by Emperumaan (having thousand names). Those 
who learn this will be blessed to sing the thousand divine names of the Lord 
and they won’t be satisfied and contented with that. They would love to sing 
more and more. Not just that. They will also be blessed to rule this world. 
For those who listen to this ten, there will be no sorrows on this earth at 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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