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FW: ghanda berunda

From: Mudumbai, Raghuram (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 14:23:23 PST

Dear All, 
Following are couple of notes from HH Jeeyar Swamiji's message. 
Raghu Ramanuja Dasa

1.According to Bha:gavatham there 
is no mention about Lord Siva with 
regards to calming down Lord Naramimha. 
In that text, after the efforts of 
Devathas fail they requested Prahla:da 
only to go to Lord and passify Him, 
because Lord appeared only for Prahlada's 
sake. Prahla:da approached him without any 
fear and Lord took Prahla:da immediately, 
with overwhelming compassion. Even the 
story we mentioned is only from a Kavya,
as we already mentioned.

2. Then for the word Sarabha in Srivishnu 
Sahasranama the meaning is something different. 
That name belongs to The lord Vishnu only. 
and the meaning is "srunathi" which means one 
who punishes the persons crossing their boundaries.

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