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From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 11:07:54 PST

Dear Members of Bhakti-list,

With my official schedules getting relaxed to some extent, 
I am happy to be in the list with you all again. My introduction 
and profile can be had from the following links:

A small update on kainkaryams at Singapore:
The kAlakshEpams/lectures (On SrImath Rahasyatraya sAram of SrIman
NigamAntha mahA DESika swAmy and VEdArtha Sangraham of
Bhagavath RAmAnuja Yatiraja swAmy) which I am presenting at
Singapore are in good progress. The email correspondence
course on VisishtAdvaita SrI VaishNava philosophy and practice,
which is being conducted has picked up very well. Nearly
140 members have joined it. The responses that I am getting
regarding it makes me very happy to actively engage myself in
the kainkaryam of spreading our SrI SampradAya in traditional
manner but using modern means of communication. But because of
tight schedules, I had to suspend the lessons for 3 weeks in it 
and from now onwards, I will re-start sending the lessons every week.

We (kAlakshEpa-gOshti) at Singapore, have planned to develop
a comprehensive web site for our SrI SampradAya in the name (it is under construction only) and
the related activities are also in progress. Two egroups
have been formed namely and for free discussion of vedic and
non-vedic philosophies and practices. We invite all of you
to participate in the egroups. 

A e-journal named Nigama-parimaLam is also proposed to be
developed, which will be a eJournal having articles written
by scholars. The articles will be mostly in two categories
1. Critical analysis of various philosophies and practices
2. Scholarly explanation of VisishtAdvaita SrI VaishNavam matham.
The granta-chatushtayam will be the base for this ejournal.
This will be started after few months. Your comments and
suggestions are welcome regarding this.

A play titled "SwAmy DESika Vijayam" was staged in Chennai, few 
months ago by SrI Krishna (a) SrI Ananta PadmanAbha swAmy. The 
video tape version of the play is being recorded in CDs. If you 
are interested in this CD, please write to me for more details.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI RAmAnuja DAsan. Phone :65-3960156

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