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Saranagathi Vol.03.010

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 05:21:03 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

It is adiyEn's pleasure to announce the release of 
Volume 3.10 of SaraNAgathi E-Journal.The Editorial
is attached.

Three important topics are dealt with in this issue:

(1) Anjali Vaibhavam of Swamy Desikan 
as commented on by Sri U.Ve.Srirama DesikAcchAr Swamy
of Oppiliappan Koil.

(2) Ubhayalingam aspects of Dhivya Dampathis 
by the gifted and dedicated Young  writer , 
Sri MadabhUshi Hari SaarangarAjan Of Singapore.
(3) Sri Ashta SlOki of Swami as intrepreted by
Sri U.Ve. Dr.V.N.vedantha Desikan Swamy of
Oppiliappan Sannadhi , who has been blessing us
through his innumerable articles and monographs.
Swamy ParAsara Bahttar's Ashta SlOki is generally
understood to be the inspirer of Swamy Desikan's
Magnum Opus , Srimadh Rahasya Thraya Saaram . 

SaraNya Dampathyai Nama:

Daasan , V.SatakOpan 

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VOL :  03.010                                         18.Oct.2000

1.  Editorial
2.  Anjali Vaibhavam  - Part 1 - VangIpuram Navaneetham Sri  U.Ve
                        Sri Rama DesikAchAr (Sri VaikuNda vAsi)
3.  Ubhaya Lingham    - Part 3 - Sri M.S.Hari
4.  Ashta SlOki       - Part 1 - U.Ve.  Sri V.N.Vedantha Desikan
5. (Aippasai) :  List of festivals and events this month


1.  Editorial

Dear BhakthAs:

The  first  article  is  by  Vaikunta  Vaasi  Sri  U.Ve.   Srirama
DesikAcchAr  Swamy  of  ThiruviNNagar.  Swamy  Desikan  created  a
chillarai   rahasyam  named "Anjali  Vaibhavam"  to  celebrate  the
message enshrined in one slOkam  of  Swamy  AlavandhAr's  sthOthra
rathnam  for  which  he  had  written  a bhAshyam (Commnetary). He
dwells here on the power of the Anjali MudhrA or  the  gesture  of
offering  salutations to the Lord with folded hands (palms). Swamy
Desikan states that the Lord's heart "melts" like sugar  in  water
when  He  sees  the  anjali  bhaddha hasthams of His bhakthAs. The
Lord's mudhrA in response is  Abhaya  MudhrA,  which  assures  the
Bhakthan  not  to  fear,  since  he will stand in the place of the
Rakshakan to remove any and all fears.

The  second  aticle  in  this  issue is the third in the series on
Ubhaya Linga AdhikaraNam by  Sriman  M.S.Hari  of  Singapore.  (We
appreciate   the   depth  of  coverage  of  this  important  topic
particular interest to all Srivaishnavas)

The final article is by Sri U.Ve.Vedantha Desikan Swamy is on  the
important  Sri  Sookthi  of  Ashta  SlOki of Sri Parasara Bhattar,
which (where he) summarizes brilliantly the inner meanings of  the
three  rahasyams  in  a short span of eight slOkams. 

We regret the delay in releasing this  issue  due  to  unavoidable
time  pressures. Our plan continues to be to release minimum of 12
issues in one year. We will therefore plan  on  releasing  atleast
two more issues during this year.

We are delighted to know that the  membership  has  grown  to ~375
bhakthas now and we look forward to serving you all with  humility.

adiyEn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan, Editor

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and  provide  your feedback through  the  web  site.  
Please  feel free to enroll as a  member , if you have
not yet become  a member .

Daasans , Sri Sampath Rengarajan (Co-Editor& Publisher),
Sri Venkatesh Elayavalli (Web Designer & Archivist)
and V.SatakOpan (Editor &SampAdhakar).

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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