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RE: About the lord's compassion

From: rajaram venkatramani (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 02:53:34 PDT

Dear friends,

As Sri Mani put it the Lord does not derive any pleasure in this world. The
Lord states in Gita that this is inferior nature  and describes this as
duhkhalayam asasvatam. He is showing ways to Arjuna personally on how to
give this up. Why would He have any attachement to it at all ?  There is
obviously no question of the Lord's desire for this sport overriding His

As the Lord is svarat, He is obviously not dependant on anything for
pleasure - He is atma rama. So He is waiting to end this leela. But the Lord
also says that every one does not appreciate devotion. Some are foolish or
demoniac and oppose devotion. Others even though they may try are unable to
surrender to the Lord. There is no way these jivas will be happy if the Lord
forced them into devotion because they want to be enjoy forgetting the Lord.
Out of compassion for these living entities the Lord creates the material
universes and gives sacrifices to make sure that the living entities are
happily pleasing each other. Actually, the Lord's compassion overrides His
desire to stop the vibhuti leela.

Also as sage Parasara describes the Lord has infinite renunciation. He
simply lets the jiva surrender at his sweet will rather than force him. If a
jiva is very devoted he holds on to the Lord like a monkey holds on to its
mother. Whatever the big monkey does, the small monkey will not let it go.
If the jiva wants to try and reach the Lord, he acts like a man in the well.
The Lord throws the ropes of yoga system so that the man can climb up by
Lord's mercy. If a jiva is interested in surrender but incapable of doing
so, the Lord acts like a cat and carries the jiva like a kitten.

Yours humbly
Rajaram V.

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From: Kasturi Varadarajan []
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 7:29 PM
Subject: About the lord's compassion

Dear friends,
     I am struggling with a philosophical question which I am sure
many of you would have asked yourself. So I request you to share
your thoughts about this.

     firstly, does nArAyaNA have the capacity to bring his leelA-
vibhUti to a close and give mOksham to every jiva? The answer to
this question seems to be "yes", since everything is supported
and controlled by him.

     Then why, being a compassionate lord, does he not do this? Is
it not obvious that every jIva will enjoy mOksha more than the ups
and downs of samsara?

     One way to answer this is to appeal to the fact that samSAra is
beginningless. But still the fact remains that at any point of time,
the lord chooses to let the play of samsAra continue. Does this mean
that his desire for propagating this play  somehow overrides his compassion?


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