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Re: Fw: [jetusa] Re: ghanda berunda

From: Chandrasekaran Venkatraman (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 14:51:17 PDT

Dear Bhagawathas,
   I wanted to share the following points (may be baseless) with you 
in the context of Sri ghanda berunda nr~simhar charithram as quoted 
here from HH Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar's mail.
 1. In the Thirubhuvanam (Thanjavur Dt., TamilNadu) temple of 
Lord Siva, there is a sannidhi for SarabhESwarar. Lion face and 
trunk, 8 legs, (each pair being a unique animal's legs), with a pair 
of wings. It is said that in this form Lord Siva calmed down Lord 
Nr~simhar by extracting the poisonous Hiranyan's blood from His 
SarIram which He had consumed in His unprecedented fearsome anger.
 2. In this connection, the nAmA "Sarabha:" in 
             "athula SarabhO bhIma samaya~jnO havir hari:"

connotes as per "Sri Chinmayananda's commentary" (this is from my
memory) that Lord Siva took the form of this 8-legged fearsome 
creature to destroy aSuras and hence Lord VishNu and Lord Siva are 
same (may be meaning antaryAmi). I request Sri Krishnamachari to 
comment on this from his repertoire of meanings for this nAmA.
 3. People familiar with Sri Rangam temple's interiors please correct
me. I visited the Great Temple of Sri Rangam about 6 months back. 
Somewhere near the sannidhi of Sri Danvanthiri (may be wrong), there 
is an elevated pedestal and next to it was a wall painting. This wall 
painting resembled the above-said 8-legged fearsome animal with an 
aSura under its powerful feet.

     I request Bhagawathas to comment on the above points.


> Part of HH Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar's mail :
> Hiranyakasipu asked Prahla:da, his son, to show God in a 
> pillar and blew that with his left hand.  Nrusimha appeared
> from that pillar. It seems, Lord took 9 forms ( May be they 
> are NavaNa:rasimhas) . When Lord started cutting his body, there 
> started appearing several Hiranyakasipus, from wherever the blood 
> had dropped.  But Nrusimha killed all of them with a teribly
> furious form. Lord also killed all the bettalians of Hiranyakasipu.
> Even after the whole fighting was finished Lord could not control 
> his anger and even Goddess Lakshmi was not able to approach Him. 
> Then all of them have approached Lord siva and requested him to 
> help them in this context. Then Lord Siva appeared in the form of 
> Sarabhasalva ( an animal, supposedly more powerful than a lion)to 
> fear the Lord. Then it seems that there was fight between both.  
> Then Lord took the form of Ganda Bhe:runda and fought with that 
> Sarabha. When Prahla:da interfered both became cool.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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