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Fw: [jetusa] Re: ghanda berunda

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 20:46:34 PDT

Dear bhAgavathas,

Some of you may recall a brief discussion from a few months ago
regarding Sri Ghandaberunda, a mystical form of Sri
LakshmiNarasimhan whose sannidhi is located in the
panchanarasimha kshEtram of Yadagirigutta in Andhra Pradesh.

There was a question inquiring into the details of this unique
rUpam of the Lord.  I sent this question to HH Sri Tridandi Jeear
Swamy, and am forwarding his response - along with the original
question - to all of you.

Ramanuja Dasan
Mohan Raghavan

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Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 8:57 AM
Subject: RE: [jetusa] Re: ghanda berunda

> Priya Sriman Mohan Sagarji & other devotees!
> Jai srimannarayana!
>  After a long time we are attempting to answer this question
about the Ganda
> Bherunda Na:rasimha Incornation.
> Here is some information. Infact, such a Mu:rthi is being
worshiped at Sri
> Ya:dagiri Kshe;tram, near Hyderabad. But they are not able to
say anything
> about the origin and historic evidance of that Mu:rthy. It is
one among 5
> mu:rthies being worshipped there.
> According to Srimad Bha:gavatham, Lord took Nrusimha Ru:pam and
> Hiranya Kasipu, that is all.  But in some pura:na:s it is
described that
> Lord took several incornations during that time and at last He
> Hiranya Kasipu. In Simhachala Kshe:tra Maha:tmyam they were
described as 32.
> No names are necessary now.
> In a scripture by name "NRU KANTTI:RAVA ABHYUDAYAM" there is a
> mentioned about Gandha Bherunda Narasimha.
> It is like this:==
> Once Sage Vasishta was explaining this story to The King
Dili:pa, the
> ancesters of RA:machendra:
> Hiranyakasipu asked Prahla:da, his son, to show God in a pillar
and blew
> that with his left hand.  Nrusimha appeared from that pillar.
It seems, Lord
> took 9 forms ( May be they are NavaNa:rasimhas) . When Lord
started cutting
> his body, there started appearing several Hiranyakasipus, from
wherever the
> blood had dropped.  But Nrusimha killed all of them with a
terribly furious
> form. Lord also killed all the bettalians of Hiranyakasipu.
Even after the
> whole fighting was finished Lord could not control his anger
and even
> Goddess Lakshmi was not able to approach Him. Then all of them
> approached Lord siva and requested him to help them in this
context. Then
> Lord Siva appeared in the form of Sarabhasalva ( an animal,
supposedly more
> powerful than a lion)to fear the Lord. Then it seems that there
was fight
> between both.  Then Lord took the form of Ganda Bhe:runda and
fought with
> that Sarabha. When Prahla:da interfered, both became cool.
Then The lord
> went up to Garuda:dri and stayed on a Ka:nuga Tree along with
> Lakshmi. He, the Lord invited Maya the mystic engineer of
De:vas and
> instructed him to construct a town there and that became
"Aho:bilam" at a
> later period. This is from that scripture. There is no other
> available about this.
> Jai Srimannarayana!
> =chinnajeeyar=
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>                    aum vishnave namah
>     i am reading about yadagiri kshetra. where i came to read
>   the avatara
> of ghandaberunda. i have never heard of any such form. can you
>   please
> explain where and when the avatara appears. also kindly please
>   explain how
> this great avatara looks like.
>             thanking you,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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