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Re: amalanAthipirAn - 7
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 17:41:12 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dear Sri TCA Venkatesan Swamin,

what a beautiful way you describe the sweet amalanaadhipiraan pAsurams! Your
kaimkaryam is really excellent and is greatly enjoyed by everyone, I am
sure.Please continue..

this post (on 7th pAsuram last line) makes me indulge and share our enjoyment.
Though this has been discussed more than once earlier in the list, again, I wish
to enjoy, as it is ArA amudhu. (insatiable nectar)

amalanAthipirAn EzhAm pAsuram

kaiynArsurisankanalAzhiyar neeLvaraipOl
meyyinAr thuLapaviraiyAr kamazhneeNmudiyem
aiyanAr aNiyarankanAraravinaNaimisai mEyamAyanAr
seyyavAy aiyO ennaissinthai kavarnthathuvE
The beauty and the redness of the lips are so great
that AzhvAr is expressing his amazement.
He was letting AzhvAr enjoy His entire beauty;
AzhvAr was also trying to enjoy His entire beauty.
In between, the lips are forcing him to enjoy only
its beauty and AzhvAr is expressing his anguish.
AzhvAr says he has already lost his mind to Him;
why is He still after it?

In the second song, AzhvAr said he lost his mind
to Him ("senRathAm enasinthaniyE"). There AzhvAr
said his mind which was a stone was melted. Here,
AzhvAr says He not only melted the stone but He
also took it away.


thiruppANAzhvAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam
srI periyavAccAn piLLai, srI azhagiya maNavALap
perumAL nAyanAr, srI vEdAntha dEsikar thiruvadigaLE

This aiyO! as you wrote, is the helpless state of being unable to write in
words, or utter in words that the mind enjoys. aiyO! simply great! is all that
we can say. This aiyO! is also used by Kamban when he describes Rama's beauty.

:poyyO enum idaiyALodum, iLaiyAnodum pOnAn*
maiyO? maragadhamO? maRikadalO? mazhaimugilO?
aiyO- ivan azhagu enna azhiyaa azhagudaiyaan..

SitA- who has the narrow waist (so narrow that it appears as non-existent-
poyyO?). Rama- walked along with such most beautiful Sita and younger brother
Lakshmanan. This Lord Rama- Is He maiyO? so Dark like collyrium?- kaajal? Kamban
is not happy with the word.. So wonders- maragadhamO? Is He like that most
shining Gem stone Maragatham? But it is small. Our Lord is Ajaanubaahu- huge,
Handsome. So Kamban again is not pleased. MaRikadalO? Is He like Blue deep vast
Ocean? But the Ocean is salty and is not useful (though gives rise to the rain
waters). So, He asks mazhai mugilO? is He the dark rainy clouds? So merciful
that he (like the clouds) rains His mercy on everyone?

Kamban says.. chE! Why there is such a limited vocabulary in these languages!
aiyO! ivan azhagu enna? What a bewitching Beauty! azhiyaa azhagudaiyaan.. All
other beauty is transitory, never permanent. His Beauty never perishes. Ever
Youthful. So nectarine. Indescribable in words.

If Rama is so Beautiful what about the Lord whom he worshipped? NATURALLY Double

As described excellently by asmadhAchAryan Srimad PaRavaakkOttai ANdavan in the
first Tele upanyasam, when Lord Rama was performing ThiruvArAdhanam to Lord
Ranganathan, Sita who accompanied Him, shifts her large well spread eyes from
Rama to Ranganathan, and wonders as to whose eyes are more beautiful

Now we know, from the words of AzhwAr, it is Lord Ranganthan's eyes that are
more beautiful.

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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