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Re: Unjal songs creation of softcopy (Re: Digest Number 184)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 05:44:57 PDT

Namo Narayana !

Dear Sri Venkat: 

Many thanks for your generous offer to
help with this kaimkaryam .It will
be most welcome.

I will fax the incomplete version to you 
to get started .The rest can be inserted later.

Perhaps , Sri Anand KaraLapAkkam or
other BhakthAs , who might have access to the full
works of PiLLai PerumAL IyengAr and KonEri Kavi
can help secure the full manuscript for
inclusion in the home pages maintained by yourself
so well .

I have the 4 verses from Koneri Appanaiyegar.
I am not sure , whether there are more.
Regarding PiLlai PerumAL Iyengar , I have 1,5 and 23 
Oonjal Verses on Lord RanganAthA. The rest 
have to be assembled.

On a related matter, PiLLai perumAL Iyengar
has also verses on 108 Dhivya desa EmperumAns .
That would also be most interesting .

By copy of this note , I am requesting BhakthAs
with full text of these two OOnjal PaatukaL
to come forward to help with this kaimkaryam
and all of us to benefit from your kind offer of help.

RaamAnuja Daasan,

At 03:27 PM 10/24/00 +0300, you wrote:
>Dear Sri.Sadagopan swamin,
>namo narayana. adiyen's pranamams.
>YOu have mentioned :
>>It will be better to have these printed in Tamil
>>Script by some one familiar with the creation of
>>Adwani-Tamil Script software. I do not know
>>how to create that Tamil script.
>adiyen is ready to undertake this kaimkaryam. adieyn is working on this
>software for the past two years and have learned to type fast also to suit
>adhawin. How to get hold of the transliterated version. You can send them by
>email by typing it and adiyen can email you the tamil version for correction
>or you  may fax the pages to adiyen's fax number so that adiyen can make
>them electronically. adiyen's fax number is (973) 240 199.
>dasan venkat

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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